Westport Hardware To The Rescue

The name is generic: Westport Hardware.

But the service goes waaaay beyond basic.

The other day, alert “06880” reader John Patterson and his son Jack  bought a small Torx star bit to change old, rusty door hinges on their recently-bought used Jeep Wrangler. But John stripped the bolt.

He says: “not only did the amazing staff at Westport Hardware sell me the part — they rescued my small project once I made a mess of the old bolt. These guys spent over an hour drilling the old bolt out. They saved the day (or at least the afternoon).”

“06880” loves giving shout-outs to local businesses that go above and beyond.

Old-fashioned, hometown service is alive and well in Westport.

And — go figure — it’s almost always the small, independent guys who give it.

Hard at work at Westport Hardware

Hard at work at Westport Hardware

15 responses to “Westport Hardware To The Rescue

  1. Kevin Carroll

    The team at Westport Hardware is great!! They’re always willing to help out.

  2. They have always given our family superior service.

  3. Pamela Singer

    we love the Westport Hardware family every problem solved and educated… such a great store thank you pamela and alan singer/fishman

  4. Holly Wheeler

    I drive from Stratford to Westport Hardware for my needs. They sell everything … and they know their stuff!

  5. They are. quite simply, the best!

  6. Mary Sikorski

    Westport Hardware is great! I always go there and they are so willing to help all the time. They go above and beyond!

  7. Rindy Higgins

    Love Westport Hardware…great problem solvers!

  8. Jann Colabella

    best hardware store ever!

  9. I agree that between Westport Hardware and Crossroads we are covered…one big irony is how Westport students used–back in the day–to get a great intro to wood working and metals in middle school, and many learned advanced mechanical skills at Staples… The practical grounding for the STEM curriculum so important today.

  10. John Patterson

    Love it!!

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  11. Thats Dave…. a fine fellow!

  12. They keep amazing me. Always give great advice on any question and if you need keys made, this is the place to go.

  13. Dave is wonderful!

  14. Scott & Julia Broder

    Love Westport Hardware, personal, professional, a unique service business much appreciated!

  15. Daniel Katz

    What a pleasure to have Westport Hardware out of the hand of that rude, nasty and money grubbing family from whom the current Good Guys purchased the store…friendly, informed and interested in the customer, the current owners have added a treasure to the town.
    Thank you.