Photo Challenge #155

“06880” readers may not know how to spell “Sunny Daes.” *

But 34 of you — a record — knew that last week’s photo challenge can be found in a corner of that ice cream shop’s parking lot.

It’s been there a while. The photo showed part of an old Texaco sign. It belonged to King’s gas station — a fixture on Riverside Avenue for years, but now long gone. (Click here to see it.)

According to Bill Caldwell, the sign should have been “removed and destroyed as required by Texaco corporate requirements,” when the auto repair and service station left.

We’re glad it wasn’t. It’s a cool relic of a bygone era. And — judging by all the comments — plenty of people know it’s there.

Congrats to all the observant readers: Rich Stein, Seth Schachter, Linda Amos, Seth Goltzer, Ed Simek, Michael Calise, Grover Fitch, Marc Hartog, Tom Ryan, Bill Kiedaisch, Ralph Balducci, Martin Gitlin, Fred Cantor, Judith Ann Johnston, Seth Braunstein, Dana Brownell, Rosalie Kaye, Bobbie Herman, Mary Anne Liesner, Philip Delgado, Andrew Colabella, Mickey Herbst, James Weisz, Lynn Wilson, Erik Ostbye, Stephanie Ross, Rachel Halperin, Garrison Manne, Phil Rubin, Michael Traum, Robert Sohmer, Sue Kirby, Bill Caldwell and Christine Utter.

Now let’s see how you do this week:

(Photo/Peggy Lehn)

If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

* “Sunny Daes” is supposedly a play on the word “Sundaes.” If you have to explain it to people, it probably doesn’t work.


7 responses to “Photo Challenge #155

  1. Greens Farm Road. First house on the right if you turn left from GF railroad station

  2. India V Penney

    Definitely Greens Farms Road.

  3. Bob is correct.

  4. Barbara Wanamaker

    Correct! I’ve been waiting for this to show up. It always makes me smile.

  5. Seth Schachter

    I think I see this every time I pass it heading home — Its on Greens Farms Road on the right hand side (Eastbound). 🙂 Not sure how long its been there but I’m thinking maybe a year or so after the tree was cut down or fell down.

  6. **Sundae is a Korean sausage dish. Try it sometime. But if you have to explain it…

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Totally greens farms by palmers house