Kings Highway Kindness

Kids at Kings Highway Elementary School learn lots of things: Reading. Math. Art. Music.

This month, they’re also learning kindness.

A special initiative emphasizes respect. It’s a school-wide project, involving students, teachers, custodians, secretaries — everyone in the KHS community.

A calendar shows different ways of acting kindly: Pick up trash around school. Leave a friendly note in a library book. Let someone go first.

A new mom in town posted the kindness calendar on Instagram. It soon became one of her most-liked posts ever.

Each class makes a paper link chain, writing acts of kindness they’ve seen or received each day. When all the links are attached, they’ll provide a graphic example of how far individual acts of kindness can extend.

Principal Mary Lou DiBella has noticed children reaching out not just to friends, but other students they don’t know well.

Youngsters have written letters to their bus drivers and bus monitors.

Kings Highway calls this Kindness Month. Odds are good it will last long beyond the end of December.

19 responses to “Kings Highway Kindness

  1. These thoughts are real beautiful! You can brighten someone’s day by expressing a kind word, a compliment, a smile or a positive thought to someone! We all need to show kindness every day or a sincere show of appreciation to even strangers and friends as well…

  2. Good suggestion. You might want to forward this to heather and to bugby.

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  3. Oh yeah,
    Thank You for writing this wonderful Blog…. You are very much appreciated and have a great Holiday and a Happy and Healty 2018!

  4. 👍

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    As a Kings Highway alum, the Kindness Calendar brings back more “fond memories” (aka PTSD) than I can cope with at my age. Such as the kindly Principal Miss Dorothy Sleep’s immortal quote: “It’s spelled “PrinciPAL for a reason, Eric” (while I was being detained at her office – a recurring event which by November had totally filled up my personal kindness calendar for the rest of the year). A “special” kindness that the school always bestowed on my poor Mom every year at back to school night was to sit her at my desk facing the corner so that she could feel the same kindness that I did (I’m not making this up – kind of). What I want to know is whether the Kindness Calendar gives the kids a break from June – September. That would be the ultimate act of kindness. Feel free to respond in kind. And now I will kindly conclude.

  6. Eric – “Miss Sleep” – thank you for reminding me!

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      Obviously, I never forgot her. Back in the day, kindness was an elective subject in the CT state teacher’s colleges.. Corporal Punishment 101/102/103 with at least a 3.5 was required for teacher certification in the elementary schools.There was a pop song about that time titled “Kind of a Drag.” Double entendres can be so cruel sometimes. ;-0

  7. What a beautiful idea. Brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing Dan. As always stay healthy.

  8. I remember Miss Sleep too, at Bedford Elementary.

  9. Learn to say “Thank You” in as many languages as you can.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      Nancy, they’re having enough trouble getting the job done in English. After all, you know you’ve got a problem when you have to put it on a calendar. This is a good start but let’s take baby steps.

      • Actually, I was thinking of writing the same thing but wasn’t in the mood to be told to “shut up”. Merry Christmas to you, Eric!

  10. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    We all should consider something like this for our daily lives. The words and small actions we take do make a difference. We can make it a positive difference with just a little effort.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      Mary, “Naaah.” (I couldn’t resist it). At least our elected leaders and movie icons have a “Kindness Calendar For Public Servants, Celebrities And Other Frustrated Finger Pointers.” . Problem is, there’s the same entry for 52 consecutive Monday mornings. It says: “Do unto others…(then resign before the hearings start).”

  11. Jacque O'Brien

    All the elementary schools in Westport celebrated December as kindness month…what a wonderful way to lead by example!

  12. Just now a Grade 2 class from our nearby elementary school stopped by to sing Christmas carols and deliver a handmade card! Cool!

    • While off topic, I’d like to send our condolences to our Washington friends after this morning’s train accident.