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Westport Women Lead The Way

In a different world, this would not be news.

But this is our world, so it is.

Last night, Danielle Dobin was re-elected chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission. That means that the 3 major boards in town — P&Z, Education and Finance — are led by women (Dobin, Lee Goldstein and Sheri Gordon, respectively).

Of course, the Board of Selectmen is composed of 3 females too: Jen Tooker, Andrea Moore and Candice Savin. So it’s now — officially, and wonderfully — the Board of Selectwomen.

Westport’s female leaders are both Democrats and Republicans.

This is a first in Westport’s 186-year-old history. Is it also a first in the 233-year history of our state?

Danielle Dobin, Westport Planning & Zoning Commission chair.

PS: Let’s not forget Anna Rycenga, chair of the Conservation Commission!

Introducing “06880”‘s Persona Of The Week

Earlier this year Rob Simmelkjaer — who ran for 2nd Selectman in 2017 — left his corporate gig with NBC Sports and News to pursue a personal mission.

His goal: Develop a multimedia platform giving people the tools to create and discover great interviews and conversations. His company is called Persona.

Rob Simmelkjaer

Though national in scope, its rollout begins locally this month, with a custom interview service. Today, Rob and I are excited to announce a collaboration: the “06880 Persona of the Week.”

Each week, Rob or a Persona colleague will interview an interesting member of the community. Topics and interview subjects will be varied and unlimited, from local movers and shakers to those doing amazing things well beyond our borders.

Each interview will give “06880” readers a chance to meet a neighbor, and see the amazing things that happen when people sit down to chat.

With elections looming, we decided to start with a sprint.

Between now and Election Day we’ll post interviews with each of the Republican and Democratic candidates for the Boards of Education and Finance. These non-partisan interviews will give voters a chance to get to know the candidates, and encourage Westporters to vote.

We start with the Democratic candidate for re-election to the Board of Finance, Sheri Gordon. Tomorrow: Republican Board of Education candidate Vik Muktavaram.

More candidate videos will follow, in the coming days. After the election, this feature will become an actual “Persona of the Week.”

Tess’ 100th Ride

The other day, Tess Gordon reached 100 rides at JoyRide. You go, girl!

If you wonder why that’s “06880”-worthy — or think this must be a slow news day — read on.

Tess is not your average 14-year-old Westporter. A complex multitude of visual processing, and speech and language, issues make participation in regular teen sports difficult.

But Tess learned at an early age that exercise helps her process information better. She set out to find sports she could do.

JoyRide logoJoyRide owners Debbie Katz, Amy Hochhauser and Rhodie Lorenz — family friends of the Gordons — encouraged her to try the Teen Class level. She soon developed an appetite for spinning, and wanted more.

JoyRide let her take adult classes, as long as she “acted like an adult.” (JoyRide now allows all teens to take adult classes, with the same provision.)

At first it was tough. Tess sometimes shouts out during classes. A few adults found that distracting. She also needs lots of water, and got off her bike in the middle of class to refill her bottle.

Tess’ mom, Sheri, worked with JoyRide on solutions. How simple: Tess was moved to the side of the room, and she brought in 2 water bottles.

Today, Tess is a rock star. The adults in her classes love her. She’s so famous at JoyRide that recent visitors from Texas thought she was an instructor.

It’s been quite a ride. And — thanks to JoyRide, her mom and Tess herself — there will be many more ahead.

Tess Gordon and Jamie - JoyRide

Tess Gordon (left) and JoyRide instructor Jamie Falco.