Westport Women Lead The Way

In a different world, this would not be news.

But this is our world, so it is.

Last night, Danielle Dobin was re-elected chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission. That means that the 3 major boards in town — P&Z, Education and Finance — are led by women (Dobin, Lee Goldstein and Sheri Gordon, respectively).

Of course, the Board of Selectmen is composed of 3 females too: Jen Tooker, Andrea Moore and Candice Savin. So it’s now — officially, and wonderfully — the Board of Selectwomen.

Westport’s female leaders are both Democrats and Republicans.

This is a first in Westport’s 186-year-old history. Is it also a first in the 233-year history of our state?

Danielle Dobin, Westport Planning & Zoning Commission chair.

PS: Let’s not forget Anna Rycenga, chair of the Conservation Commission!

15 responses to “Westport Women Lead The Way

  1. Michael Isaacs

    It’s just too bad women don’t lead the U.S., Russia and all other countries. I have a feeling earth would be much better off.

  2. Richadt Bortolot

    I agree with Michael.

  3. Janette Kinnally

    It is great to have local strong women leaders, now we need to have more in Congress at the top levels and as President of the United States. It would be a much better and unified world!
    Keep breaking the glass ceiling and lifting each other up. We need to continue to unify and rise up together – women are all about coming together and being in community/sisterhood. We can make the positive difference in this country

  4. Robert Mitchell

    And Weston has a First Selectwoman again this year – Samantha Nestor.

  5. And Julia Pemberton in Redding, about to start her fifth consecutive term

  6. Janette Kinnally, you have hit the nail on the head. Women need to support one another. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. I am proud to be a part of the leadership of this town and proud of all of the women in leadership positions, Republicans and Democrats. Let’s get to work!

  7. And don’t forget Lauren Karpf as Deputy Moderator of the RTM. Eileen Flug and Velma Heller were Moderators for the last 9 years. There are 18 women on the RTM for this term, exactly 50%. Let’s keep our Town government non-partisan so that we can get things done.

  8. Wendy Goldwyn Batteau

    Yes to all of the above. And Liz Milwe was instrumental in founding and has led the Wakeman Town Farm to its current status of Westport jewel. Each of these individuals has worked smart and hard for their achievements and to further our interests. We can celebrate Westport for recognizing them and again being forward thinking.

  9. I wish we could turn all government over to women for the next 100 years and I can assure you we would be in a much better place!

  10. Robbie Guimond

    Amazing accomplishment ladies, we discuss this at home with our three girls. The world is changing, this is a great example of positive change.

  11. Kudo’s to the current women but this article neglects all of those who came before them.

    Our town has been run by women for years-both Republicans and Democrats.

    Jackie Henage, Marti Hauhuth and Diane Goss Farrell were both First Selectwomen, Tammy Pincavage was Second Select, Ellie Lowenstein P&Z chair and held office for 16 years, Elizabeth Wong is current Vice Chair of ZBA for over 20 years, Anne Gill and Pat Copeland were previous P&Z Chairs and wrote our Zoning Regs, Connie Greenfield P&Z Chair, Carla Rea P&Z Chair and RTM, Lisa Wexler P&Z, ZBA and our current Probate Judge. Jo Fuchs Luscombe- State Rep, Judy Freedman 20+ year State Senator. Although Gail Lavielle our State Rep for 10 years and Toni Boucher our State Senator and State Rep for over 12 years live in Wilton they were still ours. Anna Rycenga is our Conservation commission Chair and Heather Williams chairs Shellfish and is a 16year town rep on the Aspetuck Land trust, Rindy Higgens was Shellfish Chair and Monica Buesser is our Tree Board Chair. Vesna Herman has been on ARB for at least 15 years. We have many long serving women on the RTM-Wendy Batteau, Kathy Talmadge, Jessica Bram, Brandi Briggs , Lauren Karpf -all over 10 years service-there have been many others.

    We women been doing it all along – it’s nothing new. We’ve always led and worked together. I think a look back at all of the women who have been running this town for years would be more appropriate. Let’s set the record straight.

    I apologize if I missed your name, but I’ve only been here 31 years and don’t know all of your accomplishments. I did the best I could.

    Cathy Walsh-13 years P&Z and 4 as Chair

    • Cathy, good point and an excellent list. And, of course at the state level, there was Ella Grasso breaking new ground.

    • You forgot Betty Lou Cummings!

      • And current State Representative Stephanie Thomas. The point of the article was not to not mention all the previous great women leaders. It was to point out the current status of all of them leading at once.

      • I did and I apologize to Betty Lou who as Second Select person was our most dynamic cheerleader. Thanks Dan.