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Day 1: Saugatuck Parking Lot Renovation Project

This was the 1st day of the Saugatuck parking lot #1 renovation project. An alert — and none-too-pleased — “06880” reader/commuter wrote this morning:

Things aren’t going so smoothly for commuters. A police car is blocking 1 lane of Saugatuck Avenue, causing cars to back up to Exit 17. Three officials are huddled in conversation while we look for the best way to cross the busy road. The guy meant to direct us in the lot has been checking his phone since I arrived and doesn’t realize the lot is full.

Commuters who made it across the road have found themselves walking across the closed lot, where heavy machinery hammers away. One woman in heels refused to listen to an official and started running past a backhoe for the stairs by the park. He eventually caught up with her. Another commuter angrily pointed out that there is no indication of where we should walk. This is a shitshow, as we say in midtown Manhattan.

An aerial view of train station parking lot 1 (center).

An aerial view of train station parking lot 1 (center).

He followed up tonight:

An email from Westport Parking arrived at 3:19 this afternoon, telling us the safest path to walk from the station. All the parking officials and police were gone when the 6:32 arrived from Grand Central.

Dozens of us safely navigated our way across Saugatuck Avenue, then wait in a line of cars to exit Lot 8. It’s going to be a long summer.

Westport Police are on it. Commuters are adaptable too. I’m betting things will sort themselves out quickly.


Hop Into The Bar Car

You’ve heard of bar-hopping.

Westport may soon be home to bar car-hopping.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hear a pre-application tonight for a new restaurant — The Bar Car — on Railroad Place, just a stumble away from the train station.

WestportNow reports that the applicants of the cleverly named wine and beer bar (with a small food menu) plan to gear it toward “experienced drinkers.”


That should make approval much easier than if the target crowd was “inexperienced drinkers.”

The fun doesn't stop once you get off the train. (Photo by Liz Clayton)