Hop Into The Bar Car

You’ve heard of bar-hopping.

Westport may soon be home to bar car-hopping.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hear a pre-application tonight for a new restaurant — The Bar Car — on Railroad Place, just a stumble away from the train station.

WestportNow reports that the applicants of the cleverly named wine and beer bar (with a small food menu) plan to gear it toward “experienced drinkers.”


That should make approval much easier than if the target crowd was “inexperienced drinkers.”

The fun doesn't stop once you get off the train. (Photo by Liz Clayton)

One response to “Hop Into The Bar Car

  1. The Dude Abides

    Victoria Station did much the same thing in the ’70s with a restaurant in a railroad car. Pretty good food too. Differernt is good for those who indulge. The Dude Abides but
    not with alcohol. Those days are long gone.
    I don’t remember them so they must have been fun!