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More Great Customer Service

ToyotaToyota of Westport had a checkered reputation.  Some customers swore by them.  Others swore at them.

New owners re-named the dealership “New Country Toyota of Westport” — what is it, an emerging African nation? — but the changes go beyond the front door.

The high, imposing desk that separated service agents — sitting, Oz-like, in their own world — from lowly customers is gone.  In its place are low, friendly desks, the kind bankers now use.  (Not the best analogy, I know, but you get the picture.)

My appointment was 8 a.m.  On the dot, my car was whisked into a bay — another new concept for the dealership.

And not only did service consultant Jessica Sandri arrange a courtesy ride home — she offered to bring me back too.

When I’m ready to buy a new car, I’ll start at New Country.  Unfortunately, thanks to Toyota’s reputation for quality, that will be around 2019.