More Great Customer Service

ToyotaToyota of Westport had a checkered reputation.  Some customers swore by them.  Others swore at them.

New owners re-named the dealership “New Country Toyota of Westport” — what is it, an emerging African nation? — but the changes go beyond the front door.

The high, imposing desk that separated service agents — sitting, Oz-like, in their own world — from lowly customers is gone.  In its place are low, friendly desks, the kind bankers now use.  (Not the best analogy, I know, but you get the picture.)

My appointment was 8 a.m.  On the dot, my car was whisked into a bay — another new concept for the dealership.

And not only did service consultant Jessica Sandri arrange a courtesy ride home — she offered to bring me back too.

When I’m ready to buy a new car, I’ll start at New Country.  Unfortunately, thanks to Toyota’s reputation for quality, that will be around 2019.

6 responses to “More Great Customer Service

  1. We didn’t buy our Toyota there but it’s where we take it for regular maintenance. My experience 2 weeks ago wasn’t much different from yours. I got there with the expectation to leave annoyed but I was surprised. They were fast and very nice.

    Would have been even better if they offered free wi-fi…and the TV remote control (Young and the Restless is not my favorite show)

  2. Stephen Rubin

    Some years ago my wife went in to shop a new car. The salesman told her to come back with her husband when ready to buy. OOOOPS!!! What they didn’t know is my wife has the checkbook. We bought a Honda across Post Road. The new Westport Honda is the best dealer anywhere.

    Steve Rubin

  3. (I know you’re kidding about expectations of control of the waiting area’s remote control 😉 but just to let you all know how lucky you are: just had the experience of another dealership on the Westport/Norwalk line, and where I purchased the car to boot, tell me that my warranty wouldn’t be honored because the salesman didn’t enter the paperwork into the computer. More: that I had to understand this because at the time of purchase they thought they were being closed down via the parent company’s bankruptcy, etc. At this point the dealer is blaming Corporate in Michigan, while Corporate in Michigan is blaming The US Taxpayer Funded Government Bailout of the US Automotive Industry & Corporate India, I assume, is, in this regard, realizing their country’s competitive advantages.

  4. Glad you posters had good experiences, mine was otherwise. Repair work not competently done nor supervised, needed emergency rework elsewhere on the road. Promised “prompt” reimbursement for rework took 2 months to receive. Never had a problem with previous ownership, serviced there for 16 years. Lost a die-hard customer on the twin pillars of incompetence and dishonesty.

  5. Cash for Clunkers CANCELLED at New Country Toyota of Westport:
    What a clunker of a dealership. Promises, promises…a lot of hot air. I completed the paperwork over two weeks ago for the Cash for Clunkers program. After many phone calls and repeated assurances that my new car would be in the “next day”, Manager Mike Devine finally called me back to say that he and the owner had cancelled all Cash for Clunkers applications. What a bunch of clunkers there! Head down the road to Stamford, Milford, Danbury or New Haven if you really want a Toyota. Better yet, try a new Ford or Honda.
    Please let me know if anyone has actually had their commitment honored at Toyota of Westport. For the rest of you, forewarned is forearmed; take your business elsewhere.

  6. New Country Toyota is up to the same old tricks. I was ready to give them another chance, and went it there fully intending to lease a Camry from them. The salesman told me that he would need a $500 deposit to find the color I wanted. I’ve been buying a leasing cars for 30 years and have never had to pay for the dealer to locate a car. I took my business to Toyota of Greenwich, who found my green Camry for no extra fee.