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Staples Wins Prestigious Athletic Cup

Most high schools across the country pay attention to some combination of academics, arts, athletics and activities. It’s tough to do all 4 well.

Staples High School is not “most high schools.”

All 4 of those “A’s” get equal attention, from administrators, staff, parents and (of course) students.

“06880” often highlights Staples’ academics, arts and activities. To the surprise of many, I steer clear of (most) athletics. There’s a good reason: sports gets plenty of newspaper and online coverage elsewhere.*

(Though here’s a plug for my boys soccer team. If you see them, congratulate them on a fantastic run during the state tournament. Those boys became men, and I am intensely proud of them.)

The Staples High School boys soccer team celebrates a state tournament victory in South Windsor. (Photo/Armelle Daniels)

The Staples High School boys soccer team celebrates a state tournament victory in South Windsor. (Photo/Armelle Daniels)

But here’s great news about Staples’ entire athletic program. For the 20th time since 1988, the school has received the Michaels Cup. It’s awarded by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for outstanding achievement in 7 areas: sportsmanship, participation, scholarship, personnel, equity, chemical-free initiatives and athletic success.

Staples athletic director Marty Lisevick — who compiled data upon which the Michaels Cup was awarded — says it highlights “not only our coaching staff, but the character education they develop with kids, win, lose or draw.”

block-s-officialHe cites the community service undertaken by many Staples teams. The football squad leads a school-wide breast cancer awareness campaign, for example; the boys soccer team works with the Farmers’ Market to shop, cook and serve meals at the Gillespie Center.

Lisevick also does leadership training with captains, including a conference at NYU.

“Our kids are successful athletically,” Lisevick notes. “But they’re also successful academically. They go above and beyond wins and losses. We try to develop people who will be successful later in whatever they do.”

Staples was honored last night, at a banquet in Southington.

This morning it’s back to work: on the athletic fields, in the classroom, and in all the activities that make up a full, well-rounded life.

One exception: Check out yesterday’s story on the Staples field hockey team. Go Wreckers!

Staples’ (Michaels) Cup Runneth Over

“We’re Number One!”

High school sports fans yell that loudly and proudly whenever their team wins a league or state championship.  Over the years, Staples teams in a broad range of sports — soccer, football, track, volleyball, golf, tennis, you name it — consistently win titles.

Now the entire Staples athletic program is officially Number One in the state.  And all 33 varsity sports — plus the trainers, administrators and spectators — have contributed to the “victory.”

Staples was named winner of both the “LL” (extra large schools) and overall Michaels Cup awards this afternoon.  The “LL” honors come regularly, but this is the school’s first overall Michaels Cup since 1989.

Wins and losses by all varsity teams is part of the criteria — but only part.  A well-rounded athletic program is also important.

Judges look at participation numbers and rates; programs addressing academic support, sportsmanship and substance abuse; development of non-CIAC sports (like rugby and sailing); medical education and coverage, and participation in Unified Sports for athletes with special needs.

Athletic director Marty Lisevick thanked his entire coaching and support staff, along with Staples and town administrators, for their contributions in helping win the 2010 Michaels Cup.