Staples Field Hockey Goes For Gold

The Staples High School soccer and football teams get more publicity. More fans too.

But the Wrecker field hockey team is doing something on Saturday that those other squads are not this fall: playing for a state championship.

The 2016 Staples field hockey team.

The 2016 Staples field hockey team.

Quietly — but steadily, and with great talent and poise — coach Ian Tapsall’s girls have rolled to a phenomenal record. They’re undefeated (18-0-2-1) in regulation play. They’re confident, strong, tough, fit. And very, very good.

They put it all on the line against Darien on Saturday (10 a.m.) at Wethersfield High School. Sure, it’s a long way to go for 2 teams in near-neighboring towns.

But it will be worth it.

This is the Wreckers’ 1st field hockey state final since 1974. Back then, the coach was the legendary Jinny Parker.

Staples plays its home matches at Virginia Parker Field. And these girls know their history.

Before every game they look up, wave thank you and pay tribute to Parker — the founder of their program.

The Staples team waves to their founder, Jinny Parker.

The Staples team waves to their founder, Jinny Parker.

On Saturday — against the Darien Blue Wave — Jinny Parker may well be “waving” back.

Jinny Parker, during the 1974 season.

Jinny Parker, during the 1974 season.


15 responses to “Staples Field Hockey Goes For Gold

  1. Jinny Parker was an amazing coach and part of Staples life.

  2. Hallie Stevens

    I love the waving to Ginny and I’m sure she is waving back (while doing her classic eye roll )

  3. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    My memory may fail me but I believe that Ginny Parker was a P.E. teacher way back when I was at Staples. She was an inspiration to us. I’ll give her a wave on Saturday also……

  4. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Miss Parker, as we referred to her, was one heck of a PE teacher and coach. She was tough yet fun and she made you want to do well for yourself, not her. My father knew her well and had tremendous respect for her as we, her students did. She was one of a kind! “TOGM”

  5. Thanks for highlighting the success of the field hockey team. Why is it that only sports like football and soccer get attention. The Staples boys cross country team has had the perfect season. FCIAC champions, state class LL champions, state open champions, and most recently won the Northeast championship among all teams in CT, RI, NH, VT, and ME.

    Congrats to the field hockey team on their success so far and good luck at states. Here is to the athletes who through hard work and perseverance achieve incredibly high levels of success whether they are noticed by others or not.

  6. Susan Tefft Jensen

    Way to go Wreckers! What an awesome accomplishment. All the best at the state championship. How proud you and your coach should be. Bring home that championship. What a tribute to Jinny Parker it would be. Though I wasn’t a hokey player I did track under Coach Parker 1962-66. She was a remarkable coach. Nice to know she’s remembered.


  8. Loretta Santella Hallock

    I remember her well.Back than I tried to avoid physical education. Now I spend most of my time walking, golf, tennis and at the gym!
    Staples Class of 62

  9. Chuck Greenlee

    Go Wreckers!!!

  10. Sue Holliday Windrick.

    They wave to Miss Parker! I could barely read that! Choking back the tears….

  11. Jennifer Ikeda

    This TOGM Tiger is wishing Staples Field Hockey success! The Old Gray Mare is certainly smiling down. Thanks, Dan, for the story.

  12. Congratulations to the field hockey team and best of luck today! I find it appalling that the football team has a last minute practice at 8:00 this morning and can not go to cheer on the field hockey team. There are free busses leaving from SHS for the students to support the team. The field hockey team regularly goes to football games to support the boys. I wonder how Coach P would feel if he finally made it to state championship game again and other SHS teams called a last minute practice preventing their players from supporting his team’s hard work and success. Where’s the sportsmanship?

  13. Congrats to the state co-champs. I heard the latter part of the game on Wrecker Radio and it sounded like the D did a terrific job against a tough Darien attack. And kudos too to the professional broadcast by the announcer, Cooper Boardman.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES. GREAT GAME–and Co-State Champs. Exciting game all the way to the end!!!! Tie Darien 0-0. Double overtime. Amazing to watch. You played so hard!!!! Go Staples!