Staples’ (Michaels) Cup Runneth Over

“We’re Number One!”

High school sports fans yell that loudly and proudly whenever their team wins a league or state championship.  Over the years, Staples teams in a broad range of sports — soccer, football, track, volleyball, golf, tennis, you name it — consistently win titles.

Now the entire Staples athletic program is officially Number One in the state.  And all 33 varsity sports — plus the trainers, administrators and spectators — have contributed to the “victory.”

Staples was named winner of both the “LL” (extra large schools) and overall Michaels Cup awards this afternoon.  The “LL” honors come regularly, but this is the school’s first overall Michaels Cup since 1989.

Wins and losses by all varsity teams is part of the criteria — but only part.  A well-rounded athletic program is also important.

Judges look at participation numbers and rates; programs addressing academic support, sportsmanship and substance abuse; development of non-CIAC sports (like rugby and sailing); medical education and coverage, and participation in Unified Sports for athletes with special needs.

Athletic director Marty Lisevick thanked his entire coaching and support staff, along with Staples and town administrators, for their contributions in helping win the 2010 Michaels Cup.

3 responses to “Staples’ (Michaels) Cup Runneth Over

  1. We always knew they were #1…..great kids, coaches, facilities, and, cheering fans…….and, especially, motivation/motivators.
    So glad it’s finally be recognized.
    Congratulations to all.

  2. As a Staples swimming alumn we would shout VeryLoudly “we’re Number One Won’t be Number Two, We’re gonna Beat the Whoopie Out of YOU!


  3. The Dude Abides

    Of course, congratulations are in order. I do make note that perhaps the three best athletes ever to come out of this county – – – Steve Young, Calvin Murphy and Bobby Valentine – – – came out of local high school programs that only emphasized the “major” sports. Are we watering down our excellence by versatility????