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Pic Of The Day #1537

Rainy train, last night (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

Fend For Yourself!

The bars on what used to be the ticket window at the Westport train station are harsh enough.

But then you see the sign:

RR tickets

Yep. Tickets are sold on the platform. In “fending” machines.

Good service!

(Hat tip and photo: Molly Alger)


Pimp My Electric Ride

Back in the day, Westport was an artists’ colony.

These days, we’re proud of our environmental chops. You can charge your electric vehicle at a variety of places around town; earlier this month we hosted a large electric car rally.

Over the past week, art and e-cars have met. Here’s the scene at the northbound side of the train station, next to the charging stations:

Train station

The front passenger window says “Electric rules.”

We’ve come a long way from VW flower power vans.