Pimp My Electric Ride

Back in the day, Westport was an artists’ colony.

These days, we’re proud of our environmental chops. You can charge your electric vehicle at a variety of places around town; earlier this month we hosted a large electric car rally.

Over the past week, art and e-cars have met. Here’s the scene at the northbound side of the train station, next to the charging stations:

Train station

The front passenger window says “Electric rules.”

We’ve come a long way from VW flower power vans.


8 responses to “Pimp My Electric Ride

  1. Sven Davidson

    Technology evolves. Looks like EV may eventually be supplanted by hydrogen fuel cells.

  2. Using an electric vehicle may be good, and smart.

    But, as one who has driven well over 2 million miles using diesel fuel or gasoline, I paid taxes, on every gallon of fuel, to provide the roads and bridges I drove upon.

    Is it fair for owners of electric vehicles to use these roads and bridges without cost? In fairness, How about some form of Use Tax?

  3. Ironic that you should feature this on the same day you posted the upcoming well-earned tribute to Miggs B. If I am not mistaken this “vehicle”, in its virgin unpainted form, had adorned Miggs’ yard for the last several months.

    Perhaps Miggs is looking for his missing lawn ornament, but somehow, I suspect this is just an example of another way that Miggs has added to aesthetic of our great town.

  4. jo Shields Dickison

    so just what are the electric rules…? jk

  5. Pat Pontoriero

    Remember Electric Cars are not so green. The power source that you plug into is generated by using 68% from fossil fuels (37% of that from Coal). How much comes from Solar or Wind you might ask? Only 3.5%.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Coal? Bleah! There’s no such thing as “clean coal”.