Fend For Yourself!

The bars on what used to be the ticket window at the Westport train station are harsh enough.

But then you see the sign:

RR tickets

Yep. Tickets are sold on the platform. In “fending” machines.

Good service!

(Hat tip and photo: Molly Alger)


6 responses to “Fend For Yourself!

  1. Susan Iseman

    I hope no one is offended…

  2. Doris Levinson

    And… I hope no one is ovended!,

  3. Michael Calise


  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I thought it read “funding” machines… too bad!

  5. Hard to imagine that the sign passed any editorial inspection…the printer may have been an illiterate but could all who saw the sign prior to posting be that ignorant?

  6. Mary ruggiero

    Maybe it was left intentionally…after all, it is fending for yourselve.