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Friday Flashback #336

A Pic of the Day last week showed the Merritt Parkway Saugatuck River bridge by the Westport Weston Family YMCA. Michael Tomashefsky captured an iconic local scene.

(Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

It’s also timeless.

Compare the photo above — taken in 2023 — with this one by Peter Barlow, from around 1955:

(Photo/Peter Barlow)

Only Camp Mahackeno — not the entire Y — was at the site then.

There was a lot less traffic on the parkway.

But you can’t see any of that from these photos. It’s hard to believe they were taken nearly 70 years apart.

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Pic Of The Day #2132

Merritt Parkway bridge by YMCA, this morning (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)