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Roundup: MLK & Tracy Sugarman, Lyman Rocks, Cathy Talmadge’s Trees …

More on Martin Luther King. Day:

Linda Sugarman writes: “When Dr. King visited Temple Israel in 1964, he met illustrator Tracy Sugarman. Tracy — my father-in-law — decided to go to Mississippi,  to belp register voters.

“The result of that experience was  ‘Stranger at the Gates,’ published in 1966. Over the years after the Mississippi Freedom Summer, Tracy, his wife June, and their friends Bill and Ellie Buckley created an educational film production company called  Rediscovery Films.

“They produced many films about the people involved in that summer, and about the continuing struggle throughout the South for recognition and support of the quest for civil rights and attaining the vote.

“The Westport Library has copies of all of their films, and of the book written by Tracy during that critical time.”

That book is displayed on Martin Luther King’s desk in this photo:


Cathy Talmadge made her mark on many local organizations.

One of them — Friends of Sherwood Island — has found a way to honor the longtime board member.

One of her contributions was helping create the Three Sisters Garden in 2010. Now Cathy’s countless admirers can donate a tree, in her memory.

Click here; then choose the “100 Trees” box, and note “in memory of Cathy Talmadge”).

A reminder: Cathy’s friends will gather January 27 at Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield (1 p.m.), for her memorial service.

Cathy Talmadge


There’s always something special at the Westport Farmers’ Market.

Next month, it’s extra special.

On the first 2 Thursdays — February 2 and 9 (Gilbertie’s Herbs & Garden Center, 7 Sylvan Lane, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) — you can drop off gently used winter coats, mittens, hats and gloves, plus medical supplies. All are desperately needed in Ukraine.

Cash contributions to help with shipping costs are always needed.

Questions? Want to help? Email Mark Yurkiw: mark.think3d@gmail.com.


Speaking of Ukraine: In the first days of the pandemic, Jen Greely and Lindsay Weiner had an idea.

They encouraged everyone in town to pain rocks with colorful, encouraging messages — then leave them for others to find.

Their project — Westport Rocks —  spread joy, at a time when it was in very short supply.

They’re still rocking Westport.

Lindsay’s latest rock honors our new sister city: Lyman, Ukraine.

We’ve moved from one global disaster to another. One rock won’t change anything.

But it will serve as a constant reminder that people care.

And that counts for plenty.


The air temperature on Saturday was 37. The water was 41 degrees.

These women didn’t care.

In fact, they enjoyed their Compo Beach dip.

Without a wet suit in sight.

(Photo/Joel Cipes)


We’ve all done it: backed into a parking space, realized we didn’t get it quite right, and taken an extra 12 seconds to realign ourselves.

This driver in the Stop & Shop lot couldn’t be bothered.

(Photo/James Morgan)


No, it’s not a big deal. Unless you were one of those who had to squeeze past the already-narrow lane that people also walk through to get to the store.

Or unless everyone else decided to park the same way.


If there’s few people around to see a Compo Beach “Westport … Naturally” sunset, does that make it any less glorious?


(Photo/Laurie Sorensen)


And finally … it’s astonishing and grievous to think what our nation has lost, to madmen’s bullets.

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