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ADL Honors Anita Schorr, Brett Aronow, Keith Stein

Anita Schorr was one of Westport’s most remarkable citizens. The Holocaust survivor who survived slave labor, 2 concentration camps and the loss of her entire family, then educated countless area residents (especially students) about the dangers of hate and the power of positive thinking died last April at 85.

Anita Schorr lived through some of history's most horrific times.

Anita Schorr lived through some of history’s most horrific times.

Her memory lives on. And on Sunday, November 6 (5:30 p.m., the Warehouse in Fairfield), the Anti-Defamation League honors that memory with a “Step in and Be a Hero” award.

Funds raised will support the organization’s education programs for teachers and students, and help ADL respond quickly to incidents of hatred.

She won’t be the only Westporter feted. Brett Aronow and Keith Stein will be honored too, with the Distinguished Community Leadership Award. It recognizes outstanding citizens who contribute to building strong communities open to people without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Keith Stein and Brett Aronow.

Keith Stein and Brett Aronow.

Brett served on the Board of Education, where she championed social, civic and ethical education; been an active member of TEAM Westport, the town’s multicultural committee; and is a former member of Positive Youth Development, the Youth Commission, SpEd Parents and the Fairfield County Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse.

Brett’s husband Keith served the Westport Democratic Town Committee in many roles, including chair; been a board member of the Friends of Parks and Recreation and the Westport Weston Health District, and was commissioner of Westport Little League.

Brett and Keith were both heavily involved in PTAs. They moved to Westport in 1993. With 3 children in college, they’ll spend the next months traveling throughout Southeast Asia and Northern California.

Very quietly, the ADL is one of our area’s true forces for good. How great that next Sunday, they recognize a few of Westport’s real good folks.

(For more information or tickets, click here.)

Bill Meyer Brings Westport Together — Again

Keith Stein sent an email the other day. He wanted me to promote a special event.

Because it honors Bill Meyer, I said “sure!”

Bill Meyer

Bill Meyer

The event is a reception and staged reading of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town.” It’s a fundraiser for the Westport Community Theatre’s Bill Meyer Scholarship.

Bill — who died last June, at 85 — was an avid WCT supporter, and served as a director.

But he did much, much more. He:

  • was elected 9 times to the RTM
  • founded the Westport Little League softball program
  • served as Y’s Men president and membership chairman
  • was a director of Sunrise Rotary, Senior  Center, First Night, Westport’s AARP chapter, and 2 intercity Bridgeport agencies
  • served on the Saugatuck Congregational Church council
  • helped with Meals on Wheels
  • was a board member of Isaiah House in Bridgeport, which helps parolees transition from prison to life outside

All those are great reasons to support the Bill Meyer Scholarship. But here’s the really intriguing thing about Keith Stein’s email, asking me to publicize the event:

Bill was also a staunch Republican. Keith is the chair of Westport’s Democratic Town Committee.

The staged reading includes a cast of veteran WCT actors — and a bipartisan cast of local politicians, including Martha Aasen, Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle, Dewey Loselle, Jim Marpe and Jonathan Steinberg.

Westport Community Theatre

“Bill was an enthusiastic cheerleader for Westport,” Keith says. “I’m involved in the Democratic Town Committee because I want to promote Westport. Sure, he was a Republican. But he transcended politics.”

So did Keith’s email.

Washington: Are you listening?

(The Westport Community Theatre’s fundraiser for the Bill Meyer Scholarship is set for Saturday, October 24 [6-9:30 p.m.] at the Westport Historical Society. It starts with a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, followed by a staged reading of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town.” Tickets are $50 per person. Click here or call 203-226-1983.)

Happy 50th, Keith! — The Sequel

Last week — under the headline “Happy 50th, Keith!” — I posted congratulations to Weston’s Keith Richards, on the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones’ 1st concert.

Westporter Brett Aronow did a double take. Her husband — Keith Stein — celebrates his 50th birthday today.

Then she emailed me, and asked if I’d surprise him with this “gift.”

Happy 50th, Keith!

OK, he’s not exactly Keith Richards. But my Keith is the most awesome husband in town. He’s turning 50, and I can’t think of a single present or party that would let him know how glad I am to have met and married him – many years ago!

Keith Stein, at the Memorial Day parade.

I call him my Renaissance Man, a la Leonardo da Vinci. Besides being intelligent, athletic, handsome (still sporting all his hair without a gray in sight – unfair!), he is an amazing cook, an incredible handyman (this one surprised me the most because when we met he was an investment banker), a gardener, a metal sculptor, a perpetual student (recently taking Stanford’s free online class on Artificial Intelligence), a web designer on the side, an incredibly generous volunteer, a wonderful son, a great friend, and basically the nicest person I know.

He is definitely a hands-on dad, luckily being able to attend all his kids’ sporting events unless they overlap (then we usually split up). He is the team photographer as well.

He is also well known in town, spectating other sporting events where his kids aren’t even participating. He has spent the last several years full time, completely unpaid, managing and trying to make a difference for Westport Little League, a huge organization (as far as I can remember, we haven’t had our own Little Leaguer for 4 years).

Brett Aronow and Keith Stein, a dozen years ago.

He serves on the Westport/Weston Health District board, the Democratic Town Committee, and has been treasurer for several local campaigns. He’s a long-time PTA volunteer, and he’s even president of our private road association (those of you on private roads know that not everyone volunteers for that job!).

I’m sure I’ve missed some more of his credentials. He stays amazingly under the radar, except to me and those who know and appreciate these qualities most. The most amazing thing is he never complains or speaks poorly about anyone.

Brett Aronow and Keith Stein, more recently — but before his half-Ironman.

I should know all this because we met and started dating when he was merely 22. Recently, in preparation for his big birthday, he has participated in his own version of “Fit for 50,” dropping nearly 40 pounds through diet and exercise. He completed a half-Ironman triathlon.  He said, “I thought I was burning calories watching cross country races, but obviously that wasn’t really working.”  I’m sure he’ll give out tips to those trying to do the same, just as he happily gives out his favorite recipes.

So this is your birthday card and present, Keith. Happy Birthday, I love you, and look forward to seeing what you can accomplish in your next 50 years!  — Brett