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Photo Challenge #208

If you’ve spent any time at all on the walkway between Old Mill Beach and Compo Cove — and if you haven’t, you should; it’s one of the most beautiful spots in Westport — you know there’s a lot to see.

The spectacular views of Long Island Sound, sand, and the Mediterranean-like homes and terraces on Compo Hill. Sherwood Mill Pond, with an oyster house far in the distance. Two wooden bridges, reminders of long-ago days.

If you’re a longtime resident, you may know that the home straddling the inlet was owned for many years by the Aitkin family. But unless you’re particularly eagle-eyed, you may never have noticed 2 plaques on the walkway, a few feet from the (recently raised) house.

They read “A. King Aitkin, July 5, 1887-July 22, 1974” and “Kathleen A. Aitkin, September 14, 1906-March 21, 1969.” They were placed there by the couple’s daughter, Melissa Aitkin Beers, when the home was sold, in recognition of her parents’ love of the area, and attention to environmental issues.

(Fun fact: Black Duck owner Pete Aitkin grew up in that house.)

Andrew Colabella, Michael Calise, Diane Silfen, Jay Tormey, Rick Benson and Caryl Beatus all knew exactly where those plaques lie.

Click here for the photo from last week’s Challenge, and all guesses. You’ll find Rick’s comment amusing: He called them “headstone markers for 2 dogs.” King lived to be 87, and Kathleen died relatively young, at 62 — but that’s still a crazy among of dog-years.

Today’s Photo Challenge is seen by many more people each day than the Aitkin plaques.

(Photo/Jerry Kuyper)

Yet — like last week’s photo at the Old Mill walkway — odds are high we seldom really notice it.

Click “Comments” below if you know where in Westport you’d see this.

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #81

Everyone knows the Black Duck. A lot of people know Pete Aitkin, who owns it.

Some people know he grew up in Westport: In the very cool house that straddles the raceway between Old Mill Beach and the Sherwood Mill Pond.

Fewer people know there are 2 plaques near the house, honoring Pete’s parents, King and Kathleen Aitkin.

Only Chris Swan, Rick Benson and Leigh Gage answered last week’s photo challenge correctly. But several readers — including Pete’s sister, Melissa Aitkin Beers — added interesting info on the couple, and their house. Click here to see Jaime Bairaktaris’ photo, and all the comments.

The subject of this week’s challenge did not grow up anywhere. But if you know where in Westport he is — and have any back stories about him — click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 - July 17, 2016