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Alert “06880” reader Peter Blau is not an HSBC fan.

He writes:

HSBC is closing its Westport branch, in Bedford Square — the one that moved from near Starbucks by Parker Harding Plaza — as well as its 2 remaining Connecticut branches, in Darien and Stamfod.

They opened about 10 Fairfield County branches in 2007-08. By 2011 they had closed all but 3.

In one of the more bizarre bank communications, HSBC tells me I can still enjoy “the same great service and convenient banking accounts” now that “all accounts will move to our Rye City branch.”

That’s right: Rye, New York. 22 miles away, and anywhere from 35 to 85 minutes, depending on traffic.

Not that I worry. I closed my HSBC accounts over 10 years ago, after a comical series of bank errors.

But I thank them for staying in touch.


Downtown Fire Disaster Averted

Quick work by the Westport Fire Department — with help from Wilton and Norwalk — averted a major disaster last night.

Flames poured from rooftop HVAC equipment atop the building housing Starbucks and HSBC Bank (the original Westport Library), on the Post Road  between Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza.

The Post Road was closed while firefighters battled the blaze, reported shortly after 10 p.m. Damage was limited to the roof.

Many units responded to last night's fire at Starbucks and HSBC Bank. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)

Many units responded to last night’s fire at Starbucks and HSBC Bank. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)

Downtown has been the scene of several major fires — to a furniture store, the Townly restaurant and Sconset Square — though none in recent decades.

Main Street was also the scene of a fire in 1950 that wiped out housing where a number of black men and women, who worked in Westport homes and businesses — lived. That area is now Bobby Q’s restaurant. Click here for that fascinating — and lost — piece of Westport history.

Flames shoot up from the downtown building's HVAC unit. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)

Flames shoot up from the downtown building’s HVAC unit. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)

(Hat tip: Daniel Brill)