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Remembering Don Imus

Don Imus — sharp-tongued radio host, and longtime Beachside Avenue resident — died this morning in Texas. He was 79.

I had one semi-encounter with “Imus in the Morning.” It started with something I wrote for my Westport News “Woog’s World” column. I have a vague recollection that it was something about him and his Greens Farms estate — I think just a passing comment.

Whatever it was, it hit a nerve.

That morning, he ripped me to pieces on his show. “I don’t know who this Dan Woooooooog is,” he started, before calling me, my writing and my journalistic ethics into question.

Don Imus

I did not hear his rant. I never listened to him. His type of humor was not mine.

This was in the pre-cellphone days, so I did not receive dozens of “notifications.” But everyone I knew who heard it told me about it.

A couple of hours later, I flew to Pittsburgh for a soccer coaches’ convention. I checked into my hotel, and gave my name.

“Whoa! You’re Dan Wooooooog?” the guy behind me in line said.

“I heard all about you on Imus this morning.”

Thanks, Don, for those 15 minutes of fame.

(Do you have an Imus story? Click comments below. Hat tip: Jack Backiel.)

Imus’ Ass

I didn’t hear this — around 8:30 a.m. last Thursday — but a couple of “06880” readers did.

Don Imus was talking about last weekend. He and his wife were in Westport.

Apparently, Don’s wife told him that the people in their Texas Starbucks were much nicer and friendlier than the one in Westport. Which one — downtown, by the diner, in Barnes & Noble (where I once saw Imus straightening up a pile of his own books) or in Super Stop & Shop — is unclear.

Whichever it was, Imus seems to have gone on a rant about the type of people who live in Westport.

He ended with — and this, one reader says, is a direct quote — “Westport can kiss my ass.”

The front side of Don Imus. He discussed his backside on the air.