Imus’ Ass

I didn’t hear this — around 8:30 a.m. last Thursday — but a couple of “06880” readers did.

Don Imus was talking about last weekend. He and his wife were in Westport.

Apparently, Don’s wife told him that the people in their Texas Starbucks were much nicer and friendlier than the one in Westport. Which one — downtown, by the diner, in Barnes & Noble (where I once saw Imus straightening up a pile of his own books) or in Super Stop & Shop — is unclear.

Whichever it was, Imus seems to have gone on a rant about the type of people who live in Westport.

He ended with — and this, one reader says, is a direct quote — “Westport can kiss my ass.”

The front side of Don Imus. He discussed his backside on the air.

30 responses to “Imus’ Ass

  1. Don Imus is an in-funny, disgusting Howard Stern-wannabe pig. Does he still live in this area? I hope not! Is he still on the radio? I hope not for long!

    • Yes, he is still on radio. And he is still on television – he just joined Fox Business when MSNBC let him go.

      And yes, he still lives in Westport. Over on Beachside Ave. They split their time between here and NYC and a ranch out in New Mexico.

      There was a show where he discussed the situation at length. Several years ago, before the Rutgers fiasco, he was living in Westport full time.

  2. Hi Imus! How are you? Just as I did with Martha Stewart, I offer this….a dinner out or at my’re invited. Respectfully, you don’t get it. Being friendly is YOUR Responsibility. When I pass people in the street I say hello. When I am standing in line I strike up a conversation. Understanding Westport is key. Folks come here at the top of their game. They stay here if they can afford it. A lot of folks who are downtown or who go to Starbucks, are from other towns and come to stargaze or to shop in Westport. If you want to get to know Westporters I can arrange it. Unfortunately, kids are learning to be social on the Internet…that is at play here too. What do you say? The next 5k walk at Sherwood Island with the kids? I can even scare up a few of my kids friends. How about Dinner at the Black Duck with folks from the Staple classes of late 60s early 70s. We will adopt you as a classmate. Let’s go!

  3. Arbitron participant

    Someone listens to Imus? That’s the shocking part.

  4. Kiss his ass?
    With a face like that?
    Not me!

  5. Don Imus was Howard Stern before Howard Stern knew what a radio was. Imus has been an icon in radio, and has launched the careers of countless other media personalities. Imus has built a career on his intolerance of others, which has morphed into intolerance of open minded liberals or progressives. I listened to Imus for decades. Who’s Don Imus? 14:59

  6. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

    Imus was funny. In 1976.

  7. My Dad always appreciated your humor. He was mad when I told you to stop talking about him on the air twenty years ago. You should give him a call. I can give you his number. Michelle Cremona Walker, Fairfield, CT.

  8. He’s still funny, and he didn’t just join fox business his show has been simulcast on it for three years now, his radio show on wabc, has more listeners than msnbc, NBC and CNN put together. If you listened, he’s funny, irreverent, knowledgable, and almost always says things tongue in cheek. Get over yourselves.

  9. Imus is like Ali fighting Holmes – or, to be more current with my metaphors, A-Rod. Kind of sad that the owner of the talent is the last one to know that it’s long gone.

    • Ouch. But hope springs eternal, A-Rod to hit .598 for the rest of the ALCS and get the Yankees to the World Series. You heard it here first…..

      • John, as a friend always said, “From your mouth to God’s ears.” Sadly, we
        going to win three straight in Detroit. I’ve been a Yankee fan since 1939, and I’d be OK if A-Rod got traded to Tampa Bay for a 10th round draft pick in the next collage baseball draft.

  10. Pig Vomit loved this guy. Jackie the Jokeman has a better career than Imus now.

  11. Damned if you do, damned if you don't

    But I’m sure Imus has a valid point, just as everyday people on this very site bitch about someting around Westport and the people here.
    So he’s just like the rest of you, just has a bigger audience.

  12. Imus is funny when he’s busting on someone else, but less funny when he picks something you care about. We don’t get him here in Philly – does he still pull in A-list politicians and commentators? Does Jim Nance still make Imus references during golf broadcasts?

  13. Arbitron participant

    Sadly, Imus showed us his true colors a few years ago. There are other stories of his nastiness and racism. But he is certainly entitled to his opinion and where he buys his coffee. It does make one wonder if he was rude to the staff at Starbucks. The baristas at both Westport stores are nice and have to deal with a lot of BS day to day (hey my fellow customers, it’s only coffee!).

    • Starbucks Barista

      I would say that the Downtown Starbucks and B&N “Starbucks” have much friendlier baristas than the Sherwood Starbucks. There is this strange attitude I pick up on with the folks at that particular location.. Can’t explain it

      • Anonymous, Starbucks Regular

        That is a peculiar impression to have of ‘The Sherwood Starbucks’ as I know that several of their regulars are so impressed they have offered the baristas there letters of reference for schools and, if need be, applications for promotions within the company.

      • I’ve always found the Sherwood Starbucks to be a very friendly place: both baristas and customers. Parking can become a blood sport at certain times, but overall, everyone is courteous and pleasant.

  14. He’s just bloviating… that’s his deal. I used to be on the Board of the Reader’s Digest Foundation, which donated $1 million to his kids-with-cancer program. He ranted on the air about how he hated our president and was going to punch him. His schtick is all entertainment, and the wise cracks are sometimes hilarious but not always wise.

  15. Chip Stephens

    The ” I ” man has a heart of gold. He is still sharp witted in spite of fighting prostate cancer he keeps on plugging to support his camp in Texas for kids with cancer. Not everyone with a gift for giving can be as sweet and humble as our late Mr Newman. Mr Imus you keep working for your cause, stay alive and we will kiss your *ss

  16. Arbitron participant

    Mr. Stephens, you may “pucker up” if you so desire, but Imus is not worthy of any accolades. His bits have not changed in 35 years. His so called “camp” is in comparison to the Hole In The Wall programs is an embarrassment. But we all are free to donate to whomever we wish.

  17. In reply to the Arbitron participant, why do you feel it is necessary to make a comparison between Imus’ camp and Paul Newman’s? Is it a contest? I doubt either Mr. Newman or Imus would view it that way, and as far as donations go, please remit yours directly to my attention for proper forwarding.

  18. Westport is a sham of a town. The I-man was totally right that you have some of the rudest, self-centered, pushy residents in the County. Westport wants to be Greenwich, but in truth the 06880 will never have the breeding, bearing, or graciousness to pull it off. The neuroses gets them every time.

    Darien, Greenwich and to a lesser extent New Canaan all make Westport look like trash. Westport is Scarsdale with a shoreline. Get over yourselves.

    • Fan,
      I’m unfamiliar with Scarsdale, so I missed your comparison. Could you explain it to me? Really. Thanks. I’m sure there’s humor there.

  19. Scarsdale is Westport, pushy, aggressive folks who haven’t really made it with chips on their shoulders. A $1.4 million house with an awful LTV is not impressing anyone. Staples is a joke of a high school, but Westport is so provincial that they are actually impressed by their (or any) public high school.

    Come to Mid-Country Greenwich, and these Westporters will learn some humility.

  20. I-man fan's fan

    I-man fan has gotta be joking — or drunk. No one can be that much of an obnoxious prick… funny stuff… what do you mean by “breeding”? Like horses? Puppies? Is this you and your jackass friend?

  21. You’re half right. I’m only a little more well endowed than that stallion there. Keep doing you, Westport. I’ll live without the faux-bohemians, Woody Allens and barely-1%ers that you all love so much.

  22. Where’s the link to the horse porn ? I want to see it again ! Such love is nice to see.