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2,000 Trees, And Counting

A year ago, Westporters were up in arms over the imminent removal of 15 trees from the Longshore entry drive.

We survived (though the trees did not).

This year’s Longshore tree news is that the town has hired Davey Resource Group to conduct an inventory of the trees in Longshore. All of them.

And the stumps too.

Trees are an important part of Longshore, as this aerial view shows.

There are 2,000 or so trees (and stumps) left in Longshore (minus those 15 controversial tulip poplars and Norway maples). “Specially uniformed Davey personnel” will spend 2 weeks identifying trees by genus and species.

They’ll rank them for health, structure and primary maintenance needs (removal, selective pruning, or removal of dead, dying and/or broken wood).  After the inventory, town officials will receive an action plan for a “5-year urban forest maintenance schedule and annual budget projections.”

No word on what will happen to the stumps, though.