2,000 Trees, And Counting

A year ago, Westporters were up in arms over the imminent removal of 15 trees from the Longshore entry drive.

We survived (though the trees did not).

This year’s Longshore tree news is that the town has hired Davey Resource Group to conduct an inventory of the trees in Longshore. All of them.

And the stumps too.

Trees are an important part of Longshore, as this aerial view shows.

There are 2,000 or so trees (and stumps) left in Longshore (minus those 15 controversial tulip poplars and Norway maples). “Specially uniformed Davey personnel” will spend 2 weeks identifying trees by genus and species.

They’ll rank them for health, structure and primary maintenance needs (removal, selective pruning, or removal of dead, dying and/or broken wood).  After the inventory, town officials will receive an action plan for a “5-year urban forest maintenance schedule and annual budget projections.”

No word on what will happen to the stumps, though.


10 responses to “2,000 Trees, And Counting

  1. I used to live in one of the cottages in Longshore back in the 80`s . I have very fond memories of great times. My three boston terriers had a blast too ! And the huge trees were a wonderful part of that. I also remember a hurricane there and the trees were snapping all over the place. Whatever is done there I just hope it will retain it`s wonderful flavor. Leaving Westport twenty one years ago, Longshore is one of the things I will forever miss.

  2. Am in rainforest jungle in Ecuador Millions of trees. How much would it cost them to take inventory?

    • I have no idea, Marty. But I am very glad you are reading “06880” while in the middle of an Ecuadorean rainforest jungle. Happy new year!

  3. Stephanie Bass

    Looking for parttime work. Anybody need me to count anything?

  4. What an excellent use of taxpayer dollars.

  5. First, the Town, Stuart McCarthy was and is to be complimented for having addressed the tree removal last year by having planted years ago “replacement” trees. They have yet to, and may never achieve the beauty of the one’s we had to remove, but it was good planning. Second, I believe CT mandates a town wide tree inventory or at least a best efforts to do that. I believe that Bruce Lindsay, our tree warden, is “on top of this issue”. Lovely and well maintained trees are important to the quality of life.
    Don Bergmann

  6. Cheryl McKenna

    It seems to me our tree warden was hired for this. Do we really need to spend money on additional tree people?

  7. After briefly speaking with the Tree Warden the other day, it is evident the guy is busier than a one-handed paper hanger. A lot of really positive public tree stuff has happened in the space of a year – with even more on the way – and this in a town that, prior to Mr. Lindsay’s hiring, had an approach to tree care that had become unserious.

    For instance, it was hard to understand why, out of all the municipalities in the state, Westport was actually dead last in terms to the resources it earmarked for maintaining safe and attractive trees along its roads. Thanks to former Tree Board Chair, Pam Klomberg, that’s no longer the case.

    In terms of public tree stewardship, Westport is unquestionably moving in a more responsible and sustainable direction now and I have to credit the Marpe Administration as well for solidly backing this healthy development. And for whatever it’s worth, from all I hear and see, I believe we are getting way more than our money’s worth from Mr. Lindsay. For sure.

    • Cheryl McKenna

      I concur that our Tree warden is doing his job. What does Stuart McCarthy do now ? The golf course is farmed out to a California concern .. Trees to a new warden … Beach area is not being tented too because a pending project was suggested …
      Just wondering really if we could be a bit better at money management in this area.
      Mr. Marpe is a good manager so I hope he is looking closely at the P and R budget.

  8. At last! This is terrific news!
    Living in the Pacific Northwest rainforest, we view the trees with the utmost of respect.
    Happy New Year.