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Vote! But Where? And When?

In the days leading up to Connecticut’s primary election this month, I did not receive my usual postcard reminding me when and where to vote.

That’s important information. In addition to voting day coming in the middle of summer — when one day slides into the next — my polling place has changed twice. First it was Saugatuck Elementary School. Then it was the Westport Library. Now — with renovation underway — I vote at Town Hall.

But I googled that info on my own, the day before the election.

I figured my postcard got lost in the mail.

In fact, there were no postcards.

Alert “06880” reader — and noted journalist/author Andrée Aelion Brooks, who spent 18 years with the New York Times — writes:

Westport and surrounding towns no longer send out postcards confirming the resident’s polling station and date of the election. This came to my attention after the primary last week, when many neighbors and friends said they did not vote because they were unaware it was the right date for Connecticut.

I contacted the Registrar of Voters, and 1st Selectman Jim Marpe. Apparently the town saves money this way, and they do not believe cards are needed any longer.

This is not true. And it will depress voter turnout, especially in communities where residents rely even more on this low-tech method of reminders.

If this is a statewide issue, perhaps it can be solved at the state level. If it is a local issue, perhaps we can muster some awareness of the need for change.

Don’t Forget To Vote Today!

Turnout was light this morning around town, as the Democratic and Republican parties held primary elections.

The scene at Town Hall earlier this morning. Similar light turnout was reported throughout Westport.

Sure, there’s not the drama of a presidential race. But the offices of governor, attorney general and treasurer are important.

And of course, generations of Americans have fought and died protecting our right to vote.

Polls close at 8 p.m. To find your polling place, click here.

Want A Primary Vote? Register!

Unhappy with what’s going on in Hartford? Interested in a change in Washington?

Connecticut voters get their chance to choose candidates for 5 offices — 4 statewide, 1 in the US Senate — next month.

But in order to vote in the August 14 primary election, you must be a member of a political party.

Republicans will choose from among 5 candidates for governor. There are also contested races for lieutenant governor, US senator, treasurer, comptroller and attorney general.

Democrats have primaries for governor, lieutenant governor treasurer and attorney general. The full list is below.

Voters currently registered as Unaffiliated who wish to vote in one of the parties’ primaries should click here to change now. (Unsure how you’re registered? Check here.)

The online voter registration deadline is August 9 (11:59 p.m.). The mail postmark voter registration deadline is August 9. The in-person voter registration deadline is August 13 (12 p.m.).

Absentee ballots are available on Tuesday, July 24. They must be received by the local town clerk by 8 p.m. on primary Election Day.

Questions? Call Westport’s registrars of voters: 203-341-1115, or stop in to their office at Town Hall.

Democratic Primary

  • Governor: Ned Lamont*, Joe Ganim
  • Lieutenant governor: Susan Bysiewicz*, Eva Bermudez Zimmerman
  • Treasurer: Shawn Wooden*, Dita Bhargava
  • Attorney general: William Tong*, Paul Doyle, Chris Mattei

Republican Primary

  • Governor: Mark Boughton*, Timothy Herbst, Steve Obsitnik, Bob Stefanowski, David Stemerman
  • Lieutenant governor: Joe Markley*, Jayme Stevenson, Erin Stewart
  • US Senator: Matthew Corey*, Dominic Rapini
  • Treasurer: Thad Gray*, Art Linares
  • Comptroller: Kurt Miller*, Mark Greenberg
  • Attorney general: Sue Hatfield*, John Shaban

* indicates the party-endorsed candidate