Want A Primary Vote? Register!

Unhappy with what’s going on in Hartford? Interested in a change in Washington?

Connecticut voters get their chance to choose candidates for 5 offices — 4 statewide, 1 in the US Senate — next month.

But in order to vote in the August 14 primary election, you must be a member of a political party.

Republicans will choose from among 5 candidates for governor. There are also contested races for lieutenant governor, US senator, treasurer, comptroller and attorney general.

Democrats have primaries for governor, lieutenant governor treasurer and attorney general. The full list is below.

Voters currently registered as Unaffiliated who wish to vote in one of the parties’ primaries should click here to change now. (Unsure how you’re registered? Check here.)

The online voter registration deadline is August 9 (11:59 p.m.). The mail postmark voter registration deadline is August 9. The in-person voter registration deadline is August 13 (12 p.m.).

Absentee ballots are available on Tuesday, July 24. They must be received by the local town clerk by 8 p.m. on primary Election Day.

Questions? Call Westport’s registrars of voters: 203-341-1115, or stop in to their office at Town Hall.

Democratic Primary

  • Governor: Ned Lamont*, Joe Ganim
  • Lieutenant governor: Susan Bysiewicz*, Eva Bermudez Zimmerman
  • Treasurer: Shawn Wooden*, Dita Bhargava
  • Attorney general: William Tong*, Paul Doyle, Chris Mattei

Republican Primary

  • Governor: Mark Boughton*, Timothy Herbst, Steve Obsitnik, Bob Stefanowski, David Stemerman
  • Lieutenant governor: Joe Markley*, Jayme Stevenson, Erin Stewart
  • US Senator: Matthew Corey*, Dominic Rapini
  • Treasurer: Thad Gray*, Art Linares
  • Comptroller: Kurt Miller*, Mark Greenberg
  • Attorney general: Sue Hatfield*, John Shaban

* indicates the party-endorsed candidate

18 responses to “Want A Primary Vote? Register!

  1. K.F. Spearen

    Thank you So Much for the reminder Dan !! Yes , I’m one of those who is Totally Unhappy with whats going on in our state .. I’ll be going to the town hall next week …

  2. Gail Berritt

    Thank you Dan for the reminder. It’s so important to exercise our right to vote!

  3. Thanks for the reminder dan
    I’m an independent and do not vote in CT primaries as the rules here require party declaration. I have no interest in designating either party to exercise my right to vote. My choice. Unfortunately, CT is in the minority of states (I’ve lived and voted in 7) that take this path which typically favors the prevailing party (Dems in CT). Surprised this isn’t debated by CT’s citizens more since it inhibits voting and thus, one’s ability to affect change.

  4. William Strittmatter

    I think there is a 3 month “waiting period” to switch parties or move from unaffiliated to vote in a primary. From Ct.gov website:

    Last day that enrolled elector can transfer from one party to another or, if unaffiliated electors are permitted to vote in a party primary, to erase from a party, and be eligible to vote in municipal primary of new party.”


    Seems odd you can register same day and vote in whatever primary you want but need to do it three months in advance if you are registered and want to switch. I suppose it’s to prevent mischief by those seeking to game another party’s results.

  5. Nancy Hunter

    Why must you “belong” to a political party in order to vote? Not very democratic.

    • Huh? Why should someone who is not a member of a party get any say in who the party nominates as its candidate. Any citizen who registers can vote in the general election. If you want a say in who a party nominates, join that party. Why is this not obvious?

      • Nancy Hunter

        a foreign concept to me and others.

        • William Strittmatter

          Probably it is a foreign concept since I don’t believe there are US style “primary” elections to select candidates in Canada. My impression is that each party has their own method of selecting their candidates through controlled “nomination meetings” of party members. Really no different than limiting voting in primaries in US though, arguably, less transparent.

          Please correct me if I am mistaken.

          On the other hand, like In Canada, any registered voter can vote in US general elections whether they belong to a political party or not.

        • Nancy, please shut up. You have no idea what you’re talking about, as usual. This is a primary election. Members of a party decide their candidates. Otherwise, there would be room for mischief — people not in a party could vote in a disruptive way. In the November election, everyone is free to vote, whether affiliated with a party or not.

          • Jacqueline Stewart

            Nancy sounds like a lady who can’t shut up. Perhaps she has a brain impairment… tired of her

          • Nancy Hunter

            I asked a question. It was answered nicely by Mr. Strittmatter above.
            We live in different but similar places, Dan, learning from each other.
            If people are told to “shut up” nothing is gained.

  6. Rose Jordan

    What is so “foreign” about being required to be a member of a specific political party in order to vote for that party’s candidates? Would you have Dems voting on who the Reps should nominate?

  7. Thanks for the reminder, Dan

  8. Bart Shuldman

    This will be one of the most important elections if not the most important elections in the modern history of CT. The next Governor, whoever is elected, faces a cumulative $11 BILLION budget deficit their first term in office.

    After 2 massive state income tax increase, cuts in ECS (State Education Cost Sharing) funding to towns and cities in CT and cuts in PILOT (Paymwnt in Lieu if Taxes) to towns and cities, there is very little to cut in the state budget other than state worker pension and medical benefits. If the next set of leaders remain the same, if the status quo remains, then state income taxes will rise and costs normally paid by the state will be pushed down to towns and cities across CT. Expect to see Westport property taxes rise substantially over the next 4 years.

    Westport has a choice. It’s not Washington politics that will save our great state. It is not Washington politics that will prevent the taxes to rise in a westport. It will be our fault it all happens and our fault we let it happen.

    I know some will comment back. Before you do let me suggest we get together and I can show you the details and the magnitude of what is about to hit CT.

    It will be nobody else’s fault but our own.

  9. Roberta Tager

    Thank you so very much for keeping us informed and alert!💕

    Sent from my iPhone Bobbi