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CL&P’s Definition Of “Exciting News” Is Different From Yours Or Mine

There are many ways for CL&P to spend its customers’ money.

This is not one of them:

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to share exciting news with you. As of February 2, 2015, Connecticut Light and Power is becoming Eversource Energy….

For the more than 8,000 employees of Eversource, this is more than just a new name. It’s about the value we place on always improving on our commitment to bringing you reliable energy and superior customer service.

Thank you,
Your Eversource Customer Service Team

If any “06880” reader can explain that last paragraph — how the new name translates into an improved commitment to “reliable energy” and superior customer service — please click “Comments.”

I’m in the dark.


(Hat tip to Andy Yemma)

Bye Bye, Ospreys

Alert — and very environmentally conscious — “06880” reader Wendy Crowther writes:

At 6:45 Wednesday morning, as I drove to work, I noticed that the giant osprey nest that had been perched on top of the utility pole at Fresh Market was gone.  It had been there very recently.

I want to reassure everyone who, like me, enjoyed watching this nest all summer that everything is okay. The osprey family (mom, dad and their matured hatchling) flew the coop a few weeks ago. Since mid-August the family was spending less time in the nest – often perching high up in a large, dead tree behind Fresh Market that was more spacious than their nest had become as the young one grew.

I haven’t seen any of the ospreys in their nest for a month, although I would still see (and hear) them flying overhead above Winslow Park (near my home). I don’t know whether ospreys migrate or roost elsewhere once their young ones mature. Maybe someone out there in the “06880” world knows.

I want to thank the utility companies and Fresh Market property owners for being sensitive to the presence of these birds all summer long, and for allowing nature to take its course.

The osprey nest near the  Fresh Market parking lot, earlier this summer.

The osprey nest near the Fresh Market parking lot, earlier this summer.

I loved driving by this nest every day. It was fun to see the young chick grow to adulthood. It was fascinating to watch the parents soar in with fish in their talons, or observe the fledgling patiently waiting for its parents to return. The young one would screech when it saw a parent in the distance, and fluttered its wings when mom or dad dove from on high and came in for landings.

The nest provided a unique opportunity to observe wildlife close up, while allowing the birds to remain totally wild. My heart felt a bit of a pang when I saw the empty utility pole. But the birds had moved on, as do we all.

I couldn’t imagine why such a magnificent creature would choose the top of a Post Road utility pole for its nesting site. It was a fascinating  juxtaposition. But I, for one, thank them for providing me with amusement and a lesson in nature.  I hope they’ll return next year, although I’m sure Fresh Market and the utility companies feel otherwise.

(NOTE: Connecticut Light & Power workers relocated the nest to a higher utility pole — one with fewer wires 150 feet away — earlier this week, after the birds flew south for the winter. The hope is that the ospreys return to the relocated nest in the spring.)

Debris Dumping Fees Waived; Power Restored By Wednesday?

The Public Works Department is waiving fees for residents to dispose of yard waste at the 180 Bayberry Lane site (adjacent to the Westport-Weston Health District) until Saturday.  NOTE:  The fee will not be waived for commercial haulers.

Click here for a comprehensive story on Westport Patch regarding restoration of power.  CL&P has pledged to have power restored to Westport by 8 p.m. Wednesday — though local results may vary.

Bring your yard waste to the disposal site at 180 Bayberry Lane.

The Aftermath — Update

The Westport Weston Family Y is open and has power.  You don’t have to be a member — just stop in!  This week:  Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.  This coming Saturday:  7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Hooray for the Y!

The Senior Center is open for warming until 8 p.m. tonight (Sunday).  Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk is open for overnight shelter.

The diner is open for business (though there’s a bit of a wait!).

Christie’s Country Store on Cross Highway is open to serve that hard-hit area of Westport.

Click “Comments” at the top or bottom of this story to add stories, describe acts of kindness (or idiocy), or add information on how and who to help.  To send photos, click the “Contact me with comments, tips or photos” link at very top of this page.

A transformer sits in the middle of High Point Road. Anyone living beyond this point on the dead-end street -- approximately 50 homes -- is stuck.

Just beyond the downed transformer on High Point Road lies more devastation. Similar scenes are repeated all around town.

This is the scene on South Compo Road near Thomas Road -- not far from last night's fatality at Park Lane.

Whenever power goes out, Westporters head to the Sherwood Diner. There was a half-hour wait around noon -- but no one complained.