CL&P’s Definition Of “Exciting News” Is Different From Yours Or Mine

There are many ways for CL&P to spend its customers’ money.

This is not one of them:

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to share exciting news with you. As of February 2, 2015, Connecticut Light and Power is becoming Eversource Energy….

For the more than 8,000 employees of Eversource, this is more than just a new name. It’s about the value we place on always improving on our commitment to bringing you reliable energy and superior customer service.

Thank you,
Your Eversource Customer Service Team

If any “06880” reader can explain that last paragraph — how the new name translates into an improved commitment to “reliable energy” and superior customer service — please click “Comments.”

I’m in the dark.


(Hat tip to Andy Yemma)

19 responses to “CL&P’s Definition Of “Exciting News” Is Different From Yours Or Mine

  1. They need a toy wind-up rabbit with a drum….then it would all come together…

  2. Marcia Wright

    I do believe their delivery rate is going up.

  3. This exciting new change also comes with a very exciting price increase for “Eversource” customers! My New Year’s Resolution has to include researching alternative energy sources.

  4. Mary Sikorski

    Hi Dan,
    I felt exactly the same way you did! I was baffled when I read Eversource’s letter! Frontier Communications also made that same claim when they took over AT&T and I experienced how well that didn’t go. Sometimes being on hold for an hour and still getting bills for their services when I reasy returned their equipment and cancelled the accout. Hope someone can shed some light on their claim!

  5. “Ever” was the mystical goddess of the Redskins. The employees will draw power from her spirit and improve their collective commitment. Get it ?

  6. Funny they picked a name that’s likely to be confused with Eveready flashlight batteries. Just what you need, so often, when electric power fails! To the credit of the battery brand, at least their name means something, while Eversource is meaningless.

  7. Joel Wasserman

    I hope your comment about being in the dark is only a pun. Joel

  8. The Frontier story is different. Unlike being just a name change (NE Utilities to Eversource), Frontier is the purchaser of our state’s deteriorating and increasingly irrelevant wireline phone network from AT&T. Frontier (nee Stamford-based Citizens Utilities), is a longtime operator of rural “Hooverville” phone companies. In other words, places with little or no competition. Based on their lame handling of the AT&T transition, I assume their market share loss to cable operators will accelerate. Since it’s clear that the company isn’t capable of marketing new services or even winning back ex-customers, there is only one way to go — down — as more people ditch their wireline phones, and competitors have faster broadband.

  9. I actually meant “Hooterville” but autocorrect changed it to Hooverville. Funny (and impressive) that autocorrect recognizes the Great Depression as more significant than 1960’s TV!

  10. Sometimes (too often) corporate functions make little sense. This must come about by Boards of Directors who are divorced from reality when the sorry executives in charge are incompetent, but retained.

  11. Michael Calise

    this brings confusion to a new level

  12. Who comes up with these name changes?
    Bridgeport Hydraulic is now Aquarion
    Southern New England Telephone now Frontier
    Conn Light & Power becomes Eversource
    Connecticut Turnpike is now I-95? Learned that a few days ago
    from 06880.
    Thankfully, so long as the Gaults are around, it will always be
    L.H. GAULT & SON, INC.

  13. Virginia Tienken

    And L.H.Gault & Son, Inc. is now Gault, Inc. Thankfully their commitment remains the same with either name.

  14. A former CL&P employee asked for (and was granted) anonymity, to post this comment:

    Your blog took me totally by surprise! I knew that after the merger of Northeast Utilities with NSTAR, a “rebranding” effort was underway, but (silly me) I assumed this was to develop a new logo or symbol. That blue radiant solar symbol was from early 1990’s.

    Anyway, when the name “Northeast Utilities” was coined (1966), the CL&P name stayed alive, because of union contracts mainly but also because customers balked at the name change.

    In the early 1980s, corporate NU finally tried changing the logo to say “NU” on trucks, etc., but the public rebelled and “CL&P” was retained. So 30-plus years later some brilliant PR firm is likely behind this move.

    As a longtime but now retired former employee, I hope the public raises a huge uproar! First AT&T becomes Frontier (albeit via a sale) – now a few months later CL&P becomes Eversource Energy (??). Yuck!

  15. Dan,
    My reaction was exactly the same as yours….certainly not exciting…and these are very expensive changes to signs, trucks, billing statements, letterhead…
    John Borgia

  16. 11Thomas Rd

  17. Lets hope we’re all not in the dark!!

  18. Eric William Buchroeder 'SHS '70

    Certainly Eversource Energy believes in “win-win” relationships with its customer base who therefore, logically should be referred to as a group and rebranded as: “Eversore.”

  19. Stephen Advokat

    Check out PALMCO for cheaper electricity ($0.07780 per kilowatt hour). I did and save about $20-$25 a month compared to CL&P (now Eversource–woohoo!) rates. Otherwise, this “exciting” news is anything but.