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Wheels Goes Round And Round

You and I pump our gas. We pay. We may or may not take our receipt. We leave.

The photo below is as ordinary as it gets:

Wheels gas pump

But you and I are not Mary Ann West.

Look closely. On Tuesday Last Saturday she pumped 3.473 gallons of regular gas. At 2.43 9/10 a gallon, that’s $8.47.

Even if she’d bought super — which she did not — the bill would be $9.79.

Yet Wheels on the Post Road, next to Torno Hardware, charged her $10.

Mary Ann is nobody’s fool. Both the principle and the pennies meant a lot to her.

CT Department of Consumer ProtectionShe complained to the state Department of Consumer Protection. Yesterday — just 4 days later — an inspector visited the Wheels station.

He could not replicate the problem. But he ordered the manager to submit all of Saturday’s receipts. The inspector will check  each one.

Mary Ann gets a full refund.

And Wheels gets a black eye.

NOTE: Every gas pump in the state has a Department of Weights and Measure sticker, with an 800 number to call if a customer believes the pump is measuring incorrectly. Every pump must also have a sticker indicating when it was last checked for correct calibration. If you see a pump without that information: beware!