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All Gone!

Chipper B was grounded for more than 4 months.

It took just 24 hours to turn it into just a memory.

Here are 2 photos from earlier today, off Harbor Road

(Photo/Mary Anne Mayo)

(Photo/Jill Delaney)

A hole was found in the vessel’s hull. It was declared “derelict.” Now it’s all been hauled away.

Happy sailing!

Chipper B’s Saga Ending Soon?

It’s been over 4 months since a nor’easter caused Chipper B to break from its mooring.

It washed up on the shores of Saugatuck Shores. It’s been there ever since.

Today, neighbors were pleased to see heavy equipment surround the vessel.

(Photo/Jeff Manchester)

It’s not clear what’s happening, or whether the machines belong to the town or an insurance company.

But — to the relief of many residents — Chipper B may soon have a new home.


Chipper B has a new resting spot.

Last weekend’s nor’easter blew the abandoned vessel closer to Saugatuck Shores.

At low tide, this is what it looks like.

(Photo/JP Vellotti)