Chipper B has a new resting spot.

Last weekend’s nor’easter blew the abandoned vessel closer to Saugatuck Shores.

At low tide, this is what it looks like.

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

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  1. Not sure where anyone has been but this wreck has been sitting on the beach for nearly 2 months.

  2. Dan, Your Post “Controversial Boat Runs Aground”
    Posted on September 10, 2018 | 136 Comments
    is still being continually updated with information from some rather knowledgeable boaters.

  3. David Stalling

    “This great old boat is not lost. She’s just stuck. She’ll get off that beach soon enough without Town intervention.” — Ed Train, September 10.

    Very reassuring.

  4. Looks like a set for a movie – I like it!

  5. Mary Anne Mayo

    Not sure what you mean by this. Chipper B was floated in the storm, and spent a couple of hours rocking and rolling, with waves lifting and hitting her. Train had (without permission of the property owners) tied lines across the beach to the sea wall and the bulkhead at the channel to the Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club. At least one of those lines broke free in the violent motion of the boat in the storm (it’s pretty clear Train isn’t too good at securing his wretched boat). However, she did not move off—came back down to Earth after high tide on Sat. in roughly the same spot. How am I so sure? This “lovely” view is directly out my windows, and she’s still sitting just below my beach. The Deputy Chief of Police is on the job, and claims to have a solution that will move the boat soon. Still not holding my breath. Just too bad he didn’t take advantage of the storm, when the boat was floating and moving around, to get her towed off. The fact is, this boat is effectively abandoned, because the owner has no means, ability, or intention of getting it moved.

    • Robbie Guimond

      Lots of people upset but none ready to lift a finger. Someone even suggested boat us/sea tow ….lololol…….. Hang in there, a plan has been presented for an attempt to move the chipper b, this is not a easy job , its a 30t vessel and no idea if it will survive the attempt or even work but what choice is left? Cost to mobilize a heavy lift crane on a substantial barge is 6 figures….. Seeing as no one will lift a finger, I can’t imaging a pen to check will happen anytime soon.. Unless you and everyone else who is upset wants to “chip” in on the chipper b. ?

      • Mary Anne Mayo

        It is boat-owners’ responsibility to insure their boats. And, if the Town of Westport is not taking steps to require proof of insurance for boats moored in the Harbor, again, why should private individuals “chip in”? Our tax dollars to Town and State are what covers the risk that Westport and DEEP decided to take when they allowed this boat to be moored without insurance. Have no idea why you imagine that people should privately help this mess. To what good purpose? So it can be moored again, endangering other people’s boats and docks again?

      • @Robbie I think plenty of people would be happy to help should there be a realistic plan and no liability can be assigned to the helpers. Unfortunately, there is likely nothing folks can do by lifting a finger as heavy equipment is necessary. Mary Anne makes an excellent point – there have been several opportunities where high tides may have made it easy for Chipper B to get towed off – yet Ed did not take advantage. Its been about two months and was most people’s bet that Ed was just all talk when he said he would take responsibility and resolve the situation. Taking responsibility would’ve been making sure the vessel was insured (which it probably was not insurable in its derelict state) or disposing of it properly instead of effectively abandoning it and impacting others and the environment. There need to be changes to the mooring application/process that will 1) ensure that all boats have insurance before granting a permit/renewal, 2) derelict vessels cannot obtain a mooring permit or if they become derelict/abandoned they cannot be renewed, 3) mooring gear tackle etc is well maintained, sufficient, and one size larger than minimums to ensure security during a small storm, 4) daily fines for not removing a vessel whose mooring permit is revoked, 5) owners must have additional lines secured to the mooring for storms and if they are not local/able to get to the boat, leave in place including chaffing gear.

        • Robbie Guimond

          While I agree with most of what you say , there has not been an “opportunity” to pull her off. I went to her to look at high tide during the storm but to put a crew and a tug /push boat in harms way in a nor-easter is not an “opportunity”, it could very well hurt someone or ground another big boat.

          Now to hire a heavy pick crane on a huge barge to “pluck” her. at 100k-ish
          ( ask me how know) ,im pretty sure neither the town or the owner are capable or interested.

          So whats left? Call sea tow? . This boat has to go , it needs to be pulled to another harbor as soon as its freed with a no return clause. if it can’t be freed it needs to be demoed , not inexpensive nor low impact but maybe necessary… so either we try to wiggle it down the beach to deeper water and then TRY to tow it off or look at it.

          Fwiw lots of places in this salty life we choose to lead have boats beached ,abandoned ,submerged etc.

          What is frustrating is it should of stayed in the river safe and sound. but it was removed to the hole for foolish reasons and now you get to look at it.

          Again, a plan has been presented to help this boat in what is the most reasonable way im told. we will have to see who steps up and how badly they want it gone.

          Part of that plan is to empty the vessel of anything not attached, maybe the folks who are so bent can get abit dirty and help.

          The place where I want to live and raise my girls does this type of thing . after all we live in a water front community or maybe thats just for the address status.

  6. Robbie says “we will have to see who steps up and how badly they want it gone”???? Where is the boat owner in all of this? People need to be responsible for their own possessions. This not the responsibility or the fault of the harbormaster, neighbors, or folks in the community… but I am sure a lot of people are willing to help. Ed Train needs to step up… he owns the boat!

    • Robbie Guimond

      I believe he is trying… in the proposed plan a lot of prep has been put in his lap so we will see. I hope he does what’s needed, and what he can do himself to show he is serious. if not then another plan might be needed..

      • Mary Anne Mayo

        Well, I can tell you that he has not been here doing any “prep” this week. Showed up briefly for a conference about moving the boat; hasn’t been seen since. People are dreaming if they think he’s going to do anything.

        • Robbie Guimond

          I believe I was at said conference … He has work to do .. lets hope he does his part so we can try to help the chipper B off the beach and on to a new port.

  7. Does anyone have details on the rumors going around that there was/is a plan to remove the boat this week? Was that by the town or Ed or someone else?

  8. Robbie Guimond

    Owner has work to do, maybe some can reach out to him to offer neighborly help emptying the boat. (or not). town has releases and permission to deal with and tides need to be right.
    this week? probably not.

  9. great photo! I hope Chipper is okay!