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The More Things Change…

Long, long ago — way before its fabled run on Charles Street — the Arrow Restaurant perched at the narrow intersection of Saugatuck Avenue and Franklin Street.

It’s a sharp, triangular space — in fact, that’s how the Arrow got its name.

Later, for many years, the spot was occupied by Betty Ann Kiester’s Creative Windows drapery shop.

Recently, a sign sprouted announcing the opening of “Westport Chinese Takeout.”

Back when the Arrow ruled Saugatuck, there were only 2 Chinese restaurants in Westport:  Westlake and the Golden House.

Now there seem to be dozens.

Many — particularly the takeout places — are indistinguishable.  But 1 of the most popular, and best known, is Jasmine.

Or, as it’s known to long-time Westporters:  “The old Arrow.”