The More Things Change…

Long, long ago — way before its fabled run on Charles Street — the Arrow Restaurant perched at the narrow intersection of Saugatuck Avenue and Franklin Street.

It’s a sharp, triangular space — in fact, that’s how the Arrow got its name.

Later, for many years, the spot was occupied by Betty Ann Kiester’s Creative Windows drapery shop.

Recently, a sign sprouted announcing the opening of “Westport Chinese Takeout.”

Back when the Arrow ruled Saugatuck, there were only 2 Chinese restaurants in Westport:  Westlake and the Golden House.

Now there seem to be dozens.

Many — particularly the takeout places — are indistinguishable.  But 1 of the most popular, and best known, is Jasmine.

Or, as it’s known to long-time Westporters:  “The old Arrow.”

7 responses to “The More Things Change…

  1. I sure hope they deliver… where the heck is one supposed to park to pick up his sesame noodles?

  2. I suppose in the parking lot or on the side of the street……..

  3. Stephen Rubin

    We still think Tiger Bowl (even without Mr. Lee) is the best around. And, good parking!

  4. Tony Masiello

    Did the owner of Ship’s Corner ever find a new location in Westport?

  5. Dan, The tragic fate of the previous owner of the Chinese Restaurant in Compo Shopping Center might make for an interesting article. Our family always remembers the “7 Stars and a Moon” which included everything under the sun.

  6. West Lake…aaah yes..I washed dishes there in the early 70’s. As a teenager found it fascinating talking to head chef Mr Chou about life in China. Mr. Lee. Phillip (who went on to manage a rest on 3Ave at 40th St). Um…actually still have a small plate from West Lake, who knows how/why. Wonder if I could donate it somewhere, many Westporters may remember that red pattern…A.L.