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Roundup: Crash, Bochu Walker, CVS ….

Not far from the notorious Cross Highway/North Avenue and Cross Highway/Bayberry Lane intersections, there’s another accident-prone spot.

Drivers roaring west on Long Lots Road often miss the stop sign at the top of the hill, heading toward High Point Road.

It’s a tough, non-aligned intersection, with Hyde Lane coming in too from the south.

This was the scene yesterday. Fortunately, no one was injured.

But as “06880” says often: Be careful out there!

(Photo/Amy Saperstein)


One of the last buildings on Main Street dating back to the mid-19th century — circa 1865 — has been newly renovated.

Brochu Walker — a luxury brand that was not around when Westporters marched off to the Civil War — is the new tenant at 139 Main Street.

The store opened a year ago, in a building crying out for renovation. The timeless quality attracted the knitwear/”timeless dresses”/sweater company.

Construction is now complete. A ribbon-cutting was held last week.

The renovated Brochu Walker store.


At least one “06880” reader is not a CVS fan. She writ

“On Saturday morning I went into CVS to ask about getting the new COVID vaccine.

“I stood at the counter marked ‘consultation.’  Three people were working within my view, but they studiously avoided looking at me for quite some time. Finally one came over and started looking at me.

“I said, ‘Good morning, do you have the new COVID vaccine available ?’  Gruffly she responded, ‘Appointment only.’  I said, ‘OK, may I schedule an appointment please?’ Gruffly again, a one-word response: ‘Online.’

“I went home and logged onto the CVS website, trying to navigate as best I could. It told me the two places I could get the vaccine were Bethel and Old Greenwich.

“I went on the Walgreens website. I found it easy to navigate, and there were appointments available from 10:30 on every half hour or so. I signed up for a 10:30 appointment and filled out the online paperwork.

“I drove the short distance to Walgreens. When I walked in, the young woman standing there looked up, smiled and said, ‘Good morning’ very pleasantly. I went to the prescription counter, said who I was, and was treated with efficiency and courtesy. I received my shot promptly at 10:30, stayed 10 minutes to check for a reaction, and then went home.

“I think my days of shopping at CVS are finished.”

I’m surprised at the encounter this “06880” reader had. I’ve always been treated courteously at CVS, and had no problem with prescriptions or vaccines.

Their app leaves something to be desired — employees often apologize that the Wifi in the store is bad.

But it’s good we have a choice. Let’s hope the CVS person just had a bad day!

PS: The new facade in Compo Shopping Center looks spiffy.


The Westport Weston Family YMCA hosts its annual Healthy Kids Day event this Saturday (April 29, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mahackeno Outdoor Center). It’s free, and open to the public.

The goal is to inspire kids and families to keep their minds and bodies active throughout the summer and beyond.

The day includes a variety of activities, healthy snack demos, food trucks, fitness classes, games, art, and a free t-shirt for the first 200 kids.

Pre-registration online is encouraged, for easier, faster entry.


Jessie Harris is the son of theatrical attorney and Broadway producer Jay Harris and actress Marie Masters. His family spent many summers on Compo Hill.

Jessie — a singer-songwriter — will perform at Nublu in New York May 1, and Bowery Electric on May 11. On May 18 — if you’re in Paris — catch him at Sunset.


Amy Schneider took this a few days ago, so it might already be dated.

But her shot of crabapple and maple buds behind the Levitt Pavilion is still “Westport … Naturally” worthy.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)


And finally … speaking of the post office (story above):

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Roundup: Brochu Walker, Mia Khamish, Jolantha …


Brochu Walker opened recently on Main Street, between The Gap and J. Crew.

The women’s store began in Carmel, California. Westport native Nancy Berger consulted for them. They were considering an East Coast location. When she was moving back here last year, she suggested it as a good fit.

Owner Karine Dubner visited last summer, and fell in love with the historical architecture, water views and variety of seasons. The available location — an older building downtown — seemed perfect.

Brochu Walker hopes to “become part of the community, establish roots and foster deep relationships” with customers, Dubner says.

Dubner describes the store as a “‘conscious luxury’ collection,” known for clothing with “an understated, rich nature and an attention to detail that is thoughtful and discreet.” It is best known for “luxurious knitwear, timeless dresses and exclusive pre-layered Looker sweaters.”

She’s pleased with customers’ positive reactions (including that they still carry winter styles). She promises to “evolve in the direction our community dictates.”


Staples High School senior and noted coxswain Mia Khamish has committed to Duke University.

She coxed her Connecticut Boat Club 4+ crew to first place finishes at the Head of the Fish, San Diego Fall Classic and Mercer Sprints. She also directed the 4+ to sixth at the Head of the Charles.

Mia earned first honors throughout Staples. She is fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew, and has played violin for over 7 years.

Duke recently profiled Mia on its sports website. Click here for the Q-and-A.


Jolantha — Weston’s favorite pig sculpture — is ready for Valentine’s Day:

(Photo/Hans Wilhelm)


In “The 12 Days of Christmas,” 7 swans a-swum.

The other day there were 10 in the Sherwood Mill Pond. That’s plenty, for our “Westport … Naturally” feature:

(Photo/Matt Murray)


And finally … on this date 98 years ago, the granite lid of King Tut’s sarcophagus was lifted.