Roundup: Crash, Bochu Walker, CVS ….

Not far from the notorious Cross Highway/North Avenue and Cross Highway/Bayberry Lane intersections, there’s another accident-prone spot.

Drivers roaring west on Long Lots Road often miss the stop sign at the top of the hill, heading toward High Point Road.

It’s a tough, non-aligned intersection, with Hyde Lane coming in too from the south.

This was the scene yesterday. Fortunately, no one was injured.

But as “06880” says often: Be careful out there!

(Photo/Amy Saperstein)


One of the last buildings on Main Street dating back to the mid-19th century — circa 1865 — has been newly renovated.

Brochu Walker — a luxury brand that was not around when Westporters marched off to the Civil War — is the new tenant at 139 Main Street.

The store opened a year ago, in a building crying out for renovation. The timeless quality attracted the knitwear/”timeless dresses”/sweater company.

Construction is now complete. A ribbon-cutting was held last week.

The renovated Brochu Walker store.


At least one “06880” reader is not a CVS fan. She writ

“On Saturday morning I went into CVS to ask about getting the new COVID vaccine.

“I stood at the counter marked ‘consultation.’  Three people were working within my view, but they studiously avoided looking at me for quite some time. Finally one came over and started looking at me.

“I said, ‘Good morning, do you have the new COVID vaccine available ?’  Gruffly she responded, ‘Appointment only.’  I said, ‘OK, may I schedule an appointment please?’ Gruffly again, a one-word response: ‘Online.’

“I went home and logged onto the CVS website, trying to navigate as best I could. It told me the two places I could get the vaccine were Bethel and Old Greenwich.

“I went on the Walgreens website. I found it easy to navigate, and there were appointments available from 10:30 on every half hour or so. I signed up for a 10:30 appointment and filled out the online paperwork.

“I drove the short distance to Walgreens. When I walked in, the young woman standing there looked up, smiled and said, ‘Good morning’ very pleasantly. I went to the prescription counter, said who I was, and was treated with efficiency and courtesy. I received my shot promptly at 10:30, stayed 10 minutes to check for a reaction, and then went home.

“I think my days of shopping at CVS are finished.”

I’m surprised at the encounter this “06880” reader had. I’ve always been treated courteously at CVS, and had no problem with prescriptions or vaccines.

Their app leaves something to be desired — employees often apologize that the Wifi in the store is bad.

But it’s good we have a choice. Let’s hope the CVS person just had a bad day!

PS: The new facade in Compo Shopping Center looks spiffy.


The Westport Weston Family YMCA hosts its annual Healthy Kids Day event this Saturday (April 29, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mahackeno Outdoor Center). It’s free, and open to the public.

The goal is to inspire kids and families to keep their minds and bodies active throughout the summer and beyond.

The day includes a variety of activities, healthy snack demos, food trucks, fitness classes, games, art, and a free t-shirt for the first 200 kids.

Pre-registration online is encouraged, for easier, faster entry.


Jessie Harris is the son of theatrical attorney and Broadway producer Jay Harris and actress Marie Masters. His family spent many summers on Compo Hill.

Jessie — a singer-songwriter — will perform at Nublu in New York May 1, and Bowery Electric on May 11. On May 18 — if you’re in Paris — catch him at Sunset.


Amy Schneider took this a few days ago, so it might already be dated.

But her shot of crabapple and maple buds behind the Levitt Pavilion is still “Westport … Naturally” worthy.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)


And finally … speaking of the post office (story above):

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31 responses to “Roundup: Crash, Bochu Walker, CVS ….

  1. I completely agree with your reader’s comments on CVS
    Their RX department needs an overhaul. On Saturday I picked up an RX that should have been for 90 days. They filled it with a 30 day supply. I called and was simply told to bring it back, get a refund and re submit it for the correct 90 days. No explanation as to what caused the error, no apology, nothing. I have difficulty walking so another trip to the store is an effort.
    Will probably change my RX location to another store.

  2. Stephanie Frankel

    I live on High Point! This stop sign gets ignored in both directions! I have had so many near misses from cars speeding past the signs as if they means nothing!
    I was a a police officer I would sit there all day giving out tickets.

  3. CVS is great. Have a little patience folks! Walgreens also has issues.

    • Patience? What does patience have to do with the website not being functional, and the in-store staff not allowing you to book an appointment in the actual store?

      We should encourage people to speak up so that they can fix things. Not just defend how great they are…

      • Yes, Ross, folks “speaking up” is the only way to correct both retailers AND town employees’ shitty attitudes toward the ones who pay their salaries.

    • Imo all the cvs in the area are disasters. The Westport one I have spent hours at waiting or waiting for their mistakes to be corrected. I think its a corporate issue, they understaff the pharmacy, and perhaps do not pay well or give good benefits.

  4. Dan, maybe they recognize you and give you the celeb treatment I sometimes wonder if some of the CVS employees ever have a good day

  5. Driving a short distance last night on Westport roads… 7 oncoming vehicles crossed the double yellow at various points into my lane of travel. Absolutely ridiculous all the sloppy driving. Sure take your wide turns, swerve while you use your phones, and who knows what else, when you are the only vehicle on the road. One vehicle came extremely close to hitting me near the train station despite me abruptly moving over, slamming on the brakes, I could not go far due to car parked to my right.

  6. Ironically, CVS is short for ‘Consumer Value Stores’. Where’s the value? For starters, their prices are no bargain in Westport location.

    • Cvs is a rip off imo. I always feel bad all the seniors shopping there paying 2-3x the price for many items. A humidifier on the shelf $100. Same exact one on Amazon $29. Insane. I always thought the state should investigate them.

  7. I’ve had wonderful service and somewhat lower prices at S & S. Never a line either.

  8. Shelly Sherman

    I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience at CVS — unfortunately Walgreen’s bad decision to block prescriptions for Abortion medications trumps CVS’s bad service. I just can’t see my way to pay any $$ at a Walgreens.

  9. The song was originally written in 1906 as “You’re a Grand Old Rag” by Billy Murray, the most popular vocalist in the accoustic era. One can hear him sing this version on youtube.

  10. New to Westport 3 years ago, I used CVS for scripts etc., even though people warned me. But my experience at NY CVS’ s were great and they have all scripts on file connected to other locations. About a year in a switched to Colonial and am very glad I did. I agree with everything that the was said. Terrible, rude service. I will say may limited experience with CVS on Connecticut Ave off 95 is always much better.

  11. Patricia McMahon

    The Westport CVS pharmacy is the absolute worst!
    The couldn’t get one script for my dog right and it took 5 visits with a call from them confirming pick up.
    It’s a joke…. Periid!

    • Laura B. Johnson

      I’m guessing the Westport CVS won’t be featured any time soon for a, ‘Pic Of The Day’

  12. Deirdre O'Farrelly, architect

    “spiffy” is not quite how I would describe the new, cheap corrugated plastic wall covering they have clad CVS with. Looks like something purchased from an agricultural building products supplier. Painting the existing brick masonry wall would have been alot less expensive and longer lasting.

  13. Robert M Gerrity

    What’s upstairs now at 139 Main? And yet another photo for me to clip and save.

  14. A few months ago, I moved to Meadow Ridge in Redding. My health plan dictates that I must use CVS. The closest one is in Branchville (Ridgefield). The staff there is just as bad as those described above.

  15. Dan, it’s very disappointing to see you give ink to all this CVS bashing beginning with some grouch’s anonymous hissy! Over the years I’ve watched the staff there subjected to truly ugly harangues and harassment from a veritable cavalcade of jerks & ailing sociopaths (all for little more than minimum wage!) … So I have nothing but sympathy for them in bearing with the worst of this stupid town!

    It’s a fairly righteous company as big companies go for a variety of reasons, and over the decades I’ve frequented this location I’ve rarely found the staff anything but friendly & helpful!!

    • Laura B. Johnson

      Thank you Jarret. Take into account the age of the grouchy population complaining. I suggest human error. CVS vaccine web site is extremely intuitive.

      Stop whing Westport about CVS, Hooke’d, traffic, out of towners at Compo. Your pettiness is extremely unbecoming.

      • Stop whining about Hook’d? Attitudes like that are what allow for a company like Hook’d to win a contract with the town to run the snack bar monopoly, and provide terrible service, not even operating the days and hours they’re supposed to. Does defending them somehow make you feel less petty? Bizarre behavior if you ask me. Nothing wrong with holding people accountable.

        • I never defender Hook’d but you’re whining now. If you don’t like the hours, the service, the food, then have your mother pack you a lunch.

          • They have a contract with the town that requires them to operate certain days and hours, beginning at a certain date every year. And they fail to do that.

            So yes, by mocking someone who would like them to be accountable, you are defending them. Congratulations.

    • I doubt the pharmacists are making minimum wage, probably into the six figures but probably still underpaid. Curious though

  16. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Q: What is Westport’s favorite wine?
    A: “The line is too long at Starbucks.”

  17. Re: the CVS experience. I don’t think it was fair to print one person’s bad experience in the Westport CVS.. It reminds me of the idea being considered in one school district that if one parent objects to a book in their child’s school, the book can be removed. And as far as getting the covid vaccine, the last time l got mine, it’s not a walk in vaccine like the flu or pneumonia. You’re supposed to go online, enter your zip code and the vaccine you want – Pfizer or Moderna, and then you’re shown a list of pharmacies in that zip code and nearby. This may have changed but with an appointment like the woman got when she went to Walgreen’s, things run more smoothly.

  18. Linda Montecalvo

    Sadly, I’ve had to leave CVS pharmacy in town because of several mistakes on refills but mostly because when I do refill I have to wait a week for them to restock a commonly prescribed brand drug. This usually occurs before I make several trips to pick up the medication they tell me will be ready! My Doc tells me he hears this often from his patients & believes its because CVS tries to corral people into taking generics so does not routinely stock some brands. The problem of them telling me it’s ready when they don’t even have it is up for grabs. I questioned my Docs comment but then I noticed that a high number of pharmacy plans name CVS as their preferred pharmacy. Could it be because they have an arrangement to funnel customers to generics- generics that save the insurance co $ ? I wonder! Somehow, the wonderful independent pharmacies in town are never on the preferred list! Otherwise I think the folks that work at CVS are quite good and do their best in the chaos.

  19. One “06880” reader has issues scheduling appointment online for Covid vaccine booster on CVS website gets a voice on this blog to rant about CVS employees being rude and not going to shop there anymore? I read on internet last week about CDC approving 2nd bivalent booster forwarded it to family member I know who would be eligible and they griped to me they went to Walgreen’s website and there was no info about this!!! I found another internet article for them that stated: “CVS and Walgreens plan to update their scheduling systems to allow for online scheduling later this week.” I doubt the CVS store in Westport has any employees involved with the updates needed to get this setup as quickly as customers expect after CDC announced their approval.

    I just went to CVS website to test it out – very easy to navigate; entered birth date of family member and got this info for April 26:
    Select location and time 34 location(s) with available vaccine(s) found near 06880 for Wednesday.
    Once you select a time slot, we’ll hold it up to 30 minutes while you complete registration.

    Note the Westport store had open time slots for April 26 but did not proceed any further. Amazed at some of the negative comments posted here folks need to walk in the shoes of retail employees the majority are doing the best they can with the lack of control/input they have at the local store and dealing with the “Karen” customers that have gotten even more obnoxious and rude during the Covid pandemic.

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