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Roundup: Brochu Walker, Mia Khamish, Jolantha …


Brochu Walker opened recently on Main Street, between The Gap and J. Crew.

The women’s store began in Carmel, California. Westport native Nancy Berger consulted for them. They were considering an East Coast location. When she was moving back here last year, she suggested it as a good fit.

Owner Karine Dubner visited last summer, and fell in love with the historical architecture, water views and variety of seasons. The available location — an older building downtown — seemed perfect.

Brochu Walker hopes to “become part of the community, establish roots and foster deep relationships” with customers, Dubner says.

Dubner describes the store as a “‘conscious luxury’ collection,” known for clothing with “an understated, rich nature and an attention to detail that is thoughtful and discreet.” It is best known for “luxurious knitwear, timeless dresses and exclusive pre-layered Looker sweaters.”

She’s pleased with customers’ positive reactions (including that they still carry winter styles). She promises to “evolve in the direction our community dictates.”


Staples High School senior and noted coxswain Mia Khamish has committed to Duke University.

She coxed her Connecticut Boat Club 4+ crew to first place finishes at the Head of the Fish, San Diego Fall Classic and Mercer Sprints. She also directed the 4+ to sixth at the Head of the Charles.

Mia earned first honors throughout Staples. She is fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew, and has played violin for over 7 years.

Duke recently profiled Mia on its sports website. Click here for the Q-and-A.


Jolantha — Weston’s favorite pig sculpture — is ready for Valentine’s Day:

(Photo/Hans Wilhelm)


In “The 12 Days of Christmas,” 7 swans a-swum.

The other day there were 10 in the Sherwood Mill Pond. That’s plenty, for our “Westport … Naturally” feature:

(Photo/Matt Murray)


And finally … on this date 98 years ago, the granite lid of King Tut’s sarcophagus was lifted.