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Roundup: Blight, Rotary Club …

Last week’s stories on a blight house on Maple Avenue North prompted an “06880” reader to send info on another one. It’s on Ulbrick Lane off Bulkeley Avenue North.

The reader says: “#6 Ulbrick has been unoccupied for 10 years, and abandoned by the absentee owner investor (GLAD Enterprises LLC, a PO Box in Southport).

“The interior is uninhabitable, and the last renter was hospitalized with a mold- driven infection. The interior is rodent-infested, with a huge hole in the ceiling where a chandelier fell.

“I am a bit mystified that the abutting property owners have been rather docile. One person said she ‘likes the peace and quiet.’

“This is a direct result of mortgage fraud. The 2 existing mortgages (one of which was fraudulently obtained) have a combined loan amount that exceeds what the property is worth. As a result, the chances of this parcel changing hands on the real estate market is nil, unless one of the banks forgives the loan (which is highly unlikely).

“The Blight Commission is still mulling this over.”


State Senator (and Staples High School graduate) Will Haskell addressed the Westport Rotary Club yesterday, at Greens Farms Congregational Church.

Haskell, who is finishing his 2nd and final term in the State Legislature, offered details of the state’s recent $600 million tax cut, which includes a $125 million child tax credit and a cap on the property tax for cars.

Other topics included Connecticut’s clean air and environmental initiatives, and the push for expanded abortion services. Future goals for the state government include alleviating traffic and slow commuter train times. (Hat tip: Dave Matlow)

State Senator Will Haskell at yesterday’s Rotary Club meeting. (Photo/Dave Matlow)


Theresa Kovacs is 82 years old. A native Westporter, she lives near Kings Highway School — not far from the old Staples High (now Saugatuck Elementary), from which she graduated in 1958.

She has an active social life, with 3 kids and their spouses, 8 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, plus many local friends.

Every once in a while, she has special visitors: white deer. They wandered over the other day again. Theresa sent this great photo, for our always interesting “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Theresa Kovacs)


And finally … on this date in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon. Ten others have followed. The last 2 — Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt — made the journey in 1972.