Roundup: Blight, Rotary Club …

Last week’s stories on a blight house on Maple Avenue North prompted an “06880” reader to send info on another one. It’s on Ulbrick Lane off Bulkeley Avenue North.

The reader says: “#6 Ulbrick has been unoccupied for 10 years, and abandoned by the absentee owner investor (GLAD Enterprises LLC, a PO Box in Southport).

“The interior is uninhabitable, and the last renter was hospitalized with a mold- driven infection. The interior is rodent-infested, with a huge hole in the ceiling where a chandelier fell.

“I am a bit mystified that the abutting property owners have been rather docile. One person said she ‘likes the peace and quiet.’

“This is a direct result of mortgage fraud. The 2 existing mortgages (one of which was fraudulently obtained) have a combined loan amount that exceeds what the property is worth. As a result, the chances of this parcel changing hands on the real estate market is nil, unless one of the banks forgives the loan (which is highly unlikely).

“The Blight Commission is still mulling this over.”


State Senator (and Staples High School graduate) Will Haskell addressed the Westport Rotary Club yesterday, at Greens Farms Congregational Church.

Haskell, who is finishing his 2nd and final term in the State Legislature, offered details of the state’s recent $600 million tax cut, which includes a $125 million child tax credit and a cap on the property tax for cars.

Other topics included Connecticut’s clean air and environmental initiatives, and the push for expanded abortion services. Future goals for the state government include alleviating traffic and slow commuter train times. (Hat tip: Dave Matlow)

State Senator Will Haskell at yesterday’s Rotary Club meeting. (Photo/Dave Matlow)


Theresa Kovacs is 82 years old. A native Westporter, she lives near Kings Highway School — not far from the old Staples High (now Saugatuck Elementary), from which she graduated in 1958.

She has an active social life, with 3 kids and their spouses, 8 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, plus many local friends.

Every once in a while, she has special visitors: white deer. They wandered over the other day again. Theresa sent this great photo, for our always interesting “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Theresa Kovacs)


And finally … on this date in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon. Ten others have followed. The last 2 — Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt — made the journey in 1972.

13 responses to “Roundup: Blight, Rotary Club …

  1. Susan Iseman

    I am curious how someone would know that the mortgages on Ulbrick were obtained fraudulently. Agree, there are several listed in the public records, but there are several ways to borrow other than traditional mortgage financing, such as using a personal brokerage account or other asset as security. Appears GLAD and the homeowner Simpson/ Manigault are one and the same….

  2. Careful propagating the CT legislature’s tax “cut” propaganda! More than half of the $600M “cut” is actually a one-year only suspension (like the gas “cut” through Dec.). The taxes aren’t gone, they’ll become effective in the near future. Most of the legislation centered around fees vs. actual tax cuts on income tax or property tax. CT still ranks last, or almost last, in the country on effective total state & local tax rates (look it up). I know Mr Haskell is a favorite of 06880 but let’s not log roll with the Senator & his party’s tax narrative pls.

  3. As to blight and that house on Maple. This is a left over from the mortgage mess of 2009 -2010. The STUPID lenders bear the responsiblility for resolving this mess. 10 years is long enough and obviously they either no longer exist or they got their mortgage bailouts from the public.
    The Blight management at Westport Town Hall need to notice all current title holders to pay for cleanup and to restore property safety and pay all unpaid back taxes .
    Town needs to start a tax foreclosure, institute a property clean up and when the court allows property ownership to the town, the propefty can be sold and recohp the monies due the tax residents of Westport.
    This again smacks of a Town management with a lot of issues like ” if I don’ see it or know about it it’s not my problem ” !

  4. mary schmerker

    As a fellow Staples grad who remembers Theresa, congratulations on your picture. The white deer are wonderful. Love the pictures.

  5. Carl A. Swanson, '66

    The Blight Protection Commission is appointed by the First Selectwoman. They are not elected officials and I suggest Madame Mayor get a lit candle under their butt. They are NOT doing their job. It is to protect us and not the tenant/homeowner. It has been 20 years on the 22 North Maple homestead.

    • Carole Bernstein and Neil Herbsman

      Thank you Carl! And we have lived 3 houses away from 22 maple avenue north for all 20 of those years. It is an eyesore and at a minimum, a fire hazard—the place is a tinder box. Good luck to the prospective owners of the new construction going up right next to it on Old Road. Disgraceful.

  6. Carl A. Swanson, '66

    I spoke with SIR about the house in question and was told to go talk to the owner in person for he is a good guy. Not happening. Two suppositions on this: the owner of 22 Maple has a buddy on the Commission and SIR wants his property eventually. But heck with these various Barney Fife commissions who do nothing, I am heading for the court house. No judge in the country would allow this neglect. And for those who label me being mean, please explain why I spent five (5) years with the Urban League doing pro bono legal work for the homeless and/or disadvantaged? This man needs a decent domicile and some mental health guidance.

  7. Joshua Stein

    I feel like the GLAD name is attached to other houses in the area… in Fairfield specifically… look up the court cases… sure looks funky… but wish someone could explain exactly whats going on and what the owners are involved in?

    • joshua stein

      Did some quick searching… G.L.A.D. enterprises owned/managed by Glenn Manigault seem to own quite a few mansions, not only in Fairfield but Greenwich as well. Might be a portfolio north of $10m. Very interested to know some details how these houses were obtained fraudulently. Several of them appear to be in foreclosure going back many years, we are talking almost 10 years in foreclosure.

    • joshua stein

      Welp I went down a rabit hole. On one of the properties, over $11m is owed. That one property is worth $2.5m. That is INSANE.

      • Jack Krayson

        One example Re: #6 Ulbrick. Glad obtained first mortgage to finance building of land and structure through a bank in Montenegro. What was GLAD’s motivation in going offshore? Better yet, after house was completed, owners obtained a second jumbo mortgage thru an S/L in Wisconsin. This mortgage was granted without an on site property inspection. Hmmm,,,

        • From the pieces of information , “GLAD” smells like a pile of dung! Seems like someone in the state attorneys office should look into a case of realestate and monetary FRAUD!