Unsung Hero #247

Last week at Longshore, Chris Davies — a 9-year veteran professional golf pro and instructor — took a short detour off the course. He helped not a golfer, but a raptor.

There are 3 osprey nest on the Longshore course: one by the 1st and 2nd hole; another near the ER Strait Marina; a third on the exit road, by the 12th green.

Chris — an avid fisherman — was asked to help save a young osprey. A fishing line was wrapped around its wings. It could not fly, or barely move.

With the help of Dave Boviei — longtime golf course starter — Chris used fishing line cutters to rescue the beautiful bird.

The rescued osprey

Then he returned to the junior camp, where head pro Jon Janik and PGA pro Mark Farrell were helping 18 young golfers learn the game.

Hopefully, the osprey Chris saved will return next spring. It will spend the winter down south.

Unlike Chris. In addition to golf, he’s a gifted hockey instructor at the Longshore rink.

Westporters — and ospreys — are lucky to have him here.

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Chris Davies


10 responses to “Unsung Hero #247

  1. Thank you to Chris and Dave for rescuing this beautiful bird. You are heroes!


  3. mary schmerker

    Wonderful. Thank you!

  4. Love to hear about these wonderful rescues! Thank you

    • Heather WIlliams

      I’m so grateful for Chris and Dave rescuing the Osprey from a terrible fate. Since I’m an Osprey steward for 4 platforms including one at Longshore, I’m interested in knowing if that Osprey was from one of the Longshore nests? We enter all of the data into a citizen science program called Osprey Nation, run by CT Audubon. Any additional information would be welcomed. Thanks again!

  5. Patricia McMahon

    This makes my heart truly HAPPY!!
    Acts of kindness goes along way !!

  6. linda montealvo

    So many thanks Chris & Dave. That photo looks like one happy Osprey! So often we see things that need our help, people or animals or anything really – so often its not about seeing it – it’s about taking action. Thanks Chris & Dave for acting to help this amazing bird. Heather, thanks also for your stewardship of these osprey. Absolutely grand birds!

  7. Patty Kondub

    Great save, Dave and Chris. I’m sure Chris has many other “birdie” stories, being the amazing golfer that he is!

  8. So many thanks, Chris…what a lucky bird…so glad you were there.

  9. Laura Pastore

    Brilliant Chris!