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Maybe The Driver Never Set The Parking Brake. Maybe The Driver Just Can’t Park. Either Way …

… the driver did not have a handicap permit.

(Photo/Merri Mueller)

And this was not a quick zip-in-and-out-of-Barnes & Noble.

Thirty minutes after alert “06880” reader Merri Mueller took the photo, the car was still — bizarrely — there.

Just When You Think You’ve Seen Every Starbucks Parking Trick…

Lots of “06880” readers have a love/hate relationship with our occasional photos of dumb/dangerous/entitled/willfully obnoxious/spectacularly self-important parking jobs.

Sometimes, some readers cut the drivers some slack.

I dare you to try this time.

Starbucks parking 2

The driver on the left is okay. The one in the middle is exiting normally.

It’s the guy (or gal) on the right we’re interested in. He (or she) has simply parked next to the stop sign. It’s a 2-lane entrance/exit — usually. But until this Very Important Westporter gets his (or her) molasses chai orange creme frappucino (half skim, half soy, half biscotti), the rest of us will just have to wait.

Though, in a perfect world, we’d ram right through that #$%^&* car.