Just When You Think You’ve Seen Every Starbucks Parking Trick…

Lots of “06880” readers have a love/hate relationship with our occasional photos of dumb/dangerous/entitled/willfully obnoxious/spectacularly self-important parking jobs.

Sometimes, some readers cut the drivers some slack.

I dare you to try this time.

Starbucks parking 2

The driver on the left is okay. The one in the middle is exiting normally.

It’s the guy (or gal) on the right we’re interested in. He (or she) has simply parked next to the stop sign. It’s a 2-lane entrance/exit — usually. But until this Very Important Westporter gets his (or her) molasses chai orange creme frappucino (half skim, half soy, half biscotti), the rest of us will just have to wait.

Though, in a perfect world, we’d ram right through that #$%^&* car.


10 responses to “Just When You Think You’ve Seen Every Starbucks Parking Trick…

  1. So get the license plate number and report them.

    • Why go to SBUKS ? Why not support a local business?

      • David J. Loffredo

        The employees making your “venti,sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, peppermint white chocolate mocha with light whip and extra syrup” are locals, just like they are at all of the other chains in town. Making the point to not patronize one of those establishments only hurts the people who work there, the big corporate guys you’re trying to get to won’t feel the pain.

        • So your claim is a decrease in revenues makes no difference to the management of SBUCKS who BTW are not local.

          • David J. Loffredo

            I’m saying that the C-suite of Starbucks with its $53B+ market cap could care less if you close the Westport CT locations, however the locals who work there will care a great deal.

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    This (and all of the previous parking stories) reminds me of the way some moms in my neighbourhood park to take their little darlings into school.

    ~ the Canadian Nancy Wilson (must now change my screen name to avoid future confusion)

  3. Why make excuses, some people just feel they are entitled to do whatever the heck they want…

  4. Phil Perlah

    The next developer complains about the number of parking spaces that Westport regs require should be forced to direct traffic at Starbucks. The obvious problem here is that there are not enough parking spaces. P&Z take note.

  5. Dale Eyerly Colson

    I saw an excellent suggestion to always keep sidewalk chalk in the car to “memorialize” such extraordinary dumb*ass parking achievements on the spot.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Speaking about “self important” (I’ll get lambasted for this), but just when you’ve read just about everything, on almost every topic here, another Nancy Wilson, who has a son named Hunter, wants me to change my screen name. After much thought, I find this RIDICULOUS.
    My name happens to be Nancy Hunter Wilson. All three names of are very, very common. This confusion is silly and confounding.

    And so, to all of the Nancy Wilson/son Hunter friends out there, I am NOT the same.

    Easy peasy.