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Amelia Green: Fondant And Gluten-Free

On Friday, hundreds of Staples High School seniors finished month-long internships. They learned new skills, interacted with adults, expanded their horizons before heading off to college, the military or the workforce.

But only Amelia Green can say she had her cake and eating it too. Literally.

Amelia Green, with her Captain America cake.

Amelia Green, with her Captain America cake.

The 3rd generation Westporter — her parents are Bill Green (Staples Class of 1976) and Linda Durakis (SHS ’79), while her grandmother, Deborah Green, was a longtime special education teacher here — had 2 separate internships. One was at Lovely Cakes, a Norwalk custom bakery. The other was with Staples culinary instructor Cecily Gans.

In Norwalk, Amelia helped with batter, cuts shapes, and “washed a lot of dishes.” She also was introduced to fondant — the thick, sugary frosting that gives cakes their unique designs.

She used her new knowledge in Chef Gans’ kitchen. Amelia spent much of one week designing a complex, 6-layer red-white-and-blue cake. Rolling, measuring, coloring and spreading the fondant took many hours. It included a clever “Captain America” on top.

When Amelia’s cake was cut, the inside revealed an American flag — including stars and stripes. Homemade butter cream separated each layer.

Amelia's intricate Captain America fondant.

Amelia’s intricate Captain America fondant.

“Conceptually, this was very intricate,” Chef Gans says. “And fondant is very difficult to work with. That’s why custom cakes are so expensive. Amelia made hers from scratch.”

But Amelia is not just about the sugar. Her father has celiac disease, so last summer she wrote and published a gluten-free cookbook: “Sweet Without Wheat.” She experimented constantly to find the best substitutes for wheat flour. Her recipes earned rave reviews on Amazon.

As part of her internship, Amelia taught Gans’ students how to make gluten-free bar cookies and brownies.

This fall, Amelia heads to Lafayette College. Her new roommates are licking their lips in anticipation.

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