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Baby, It’s…

…you know the rest. 

Alert (and frozen) “06880” reader Alan Hamilton writes:

Here’s a photo of a thermometer I rescued from a Compo Beach trash can in the summer of (maybe) 1989.


It had hung on the lifeguard station since maybe the ’60s.

I guess someone thought it was “done,” and bought a new plastic one that doubtless also ended up in the trash a few years later.

This one now hangs on our back porch. 27 years after it was tossed, it still works perfectly.

I like the “rust patina” it’s had at least as long as I’ve owned it.

Some people think the rust is faux, and ask where they can get one like it. “One man’s trash,” as they say…

Meanwhile, enjoy that 8° reading. Later tonight, it will seem like beach weather.

Night Light Flight

Last night, alert “06880” reader Alan Hamilton sent his quadcopter soaring over Westport.

He captured this spectacular view of downtown, looking south along the Saugatuck River to the Sound:

Westport from air - Alan Hamilton quadcopter - December 5, 2015

Here’s another angle, pointing north. Our new landmark — the crane over Bedford Square — is in the distance. The library and Riverwalk are on the right:

Westport from air 2 - Alan Hamilton quadcopter - December 5, 2015

Click on or hover over to enlarge. Enjoy these views that — till now — only Santa, his elves and reindeer have seen.

Craning For A Look At Downtown

Alert “06880” reader Alan Hamilton flew a quadcopter up from his Riverside Avenue Raveis office this afternoon.

Here’s what he saw:

Downtown Westport - Alan Hamilton

Click on or hover over photo to enlarge.

The big open pit in the center of the photo is Bedford Square.

This spring will bring a very different view.