Baby, It’s…

…you know the rest. 

Alert (and frozen) “06880” reader Alan Hamilton writes:

Here’s a photo of a thermometer I rescued from a Compo Beach trash can in the summer of (maybe) 1989.


It had hung on the lifeguard station since maybe the ’60s.

I guess someone thought it was “done,” and bought a new plastic one that doubtless also ended up in the trash a few years later.

This one now hangs on our back porch. 27 years after it was tossed, it still works perfectly.

I like the “rust patina” it’s had at least as long as I’ve owned it.

Some people think the rust is faux, and ask where they can get one like it. “One man’s trash,” as they say…

Meanwhile, enjoy that 8° reading. Later tonight, it will seem like beach weather.

10 responses to “Baby, It’s…

  1. Dorothy Abrams

    Hey–It’s above zero. And you’re complaining!

  2. My new dangled plastic replica says 18 degrees. It’s always off as much as 10 degrees, sigh! Maybe I’ll start checking the auctions and tag sales for the real thing! Thanks Dan!

  3. Love that rusty gold, Frankie!

  4. Ps: How do you remember it was 1989???? I’m hard with what did I had for dinner last night, lol! You are amazing!

    • Hence the (maybe)! I played a lot of beach volleyball in ’89 and am pretty sure it was that year….maybe the following.

  5. iPhone says Westport: Clear and 7 degrees.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Think of it as a balmy 46 c.

  7. OK, very cool! And verrrry cool it is (outside)

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    Per my indoor/outdoor electronic temperature gadget … 11:30 pm, Trumbull CT, 2 degrees.

    But hey, the wind died down, so there’s that.

  9. As of 7:30 am, in Fairfield it’s minus 6 degrees (according to AOL).