Craning For A Look At Downtown

Alert “06880” reader Alan Hamilton flew a quadcopter up from his Riverside Avenue Raveis office this afternoon.

Here’s what he saw:

Downtown Westport - Alan Hamilton

Click on or hover over photo to enlarge.

The big open pit in the center of the photo is Bedford Square.

This spring will bring a very different view.

8 responses to “Craning For A Look At Downtown

  1. Clearly what you have here is a crane defending its nest. As a side note, dogs and small children have been going missing in the downtown area. Authorities are baffled.

  2. mary schmerker

    On a serious note about “The Crane”. We have a new area being developed near us .It is the last large piece of open land with in our city limits. Hotels, and a performance venue are planned. There is a large crane positioned in what is basically open area. I cut through the area as a short cut last week. There were police positioned in the area and detour signs. I asked one of the policemen why and was told that the city felt that traffic should not be close to the operating crane as it might collapse or swing unexpectedly. It was considered a possible danger to traffic and pedestrians….. This might explain the missing dogs, small children. Just saying!!!!!

  3. Exciting to see the progress. Westport has benefitted from the additional taxes as we added this to our Grand List, and then new shops and restaurants coming. Downtown will be great.

  4. If you can get there…

  5. What’s a quadcopter – four whats?

  6. Awesome shot! Love It! Mr. Boyd witty as usual.