Missing Teen Found Safe

The search for a missing Staples High School freshman is over.

And the news is good.

Thanks to shared information by law enforcement, and social media platforms, the Westport Police Department tracked Max Yeater to a New York City library near Grand Central Station.

Detectives reunited the 15-year-old with his family at 5 p.m. today.

Westport Police thank the public, their law enforcement partners and the media for helping bring Max back to Westport.

Max Yeater, from a photo distributed yesterday after his disappearance.


14 responses to “Missing Teen Found Safe

  1. thank goodness

  2. wonderful

  3. Any explanation yet as to why he left his phone on the ground in Westport and ended up in a library in Manhattan? As a parent, I’d be a bit concerned!

  4. Great news. Give the family some peace.

  5. Thanks for all who found this child. All parents’ hearts are happy. Give him a hug!

  6. Jean Marie Wiesen

    I am thrilled he’s home!!

  7. I am So happy he is found and reunited with his family. Shows how much our community cares and willing to help. Thank you and the police department. Hug each other.

  8. So happy he is home safely!

  9. Dr Frank E Accardi

    We are all thankful that young Max is back home.

  10. What a wonderful looking kid!!

  11. Colton Areneston

    I like to gamble. 100 to 1 you’ll never read another word about this story on this blog.

    Follow the $$$

    • Absolutely correct. This is a personal matter now. Most Westporters care simply that he is back home. Details are none of our business.

      I also have no idea what your final sentence means, nor am I interested in finding out.

  12. Marina Levin-Berman

    So happy he is home safe and sound!

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