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Unsung Heroes #311

It’s been a busy few months for the Westport Police Department.

They’ve dealt with a violent carjacking and other auto thefts; ramped up security at local houses of worship following Hamas’ attack on Israel; rescued boaters from Long Island Sound, and searched for their missing companions.

Meanwhile, their daily duties — traffic enforcement, ensuring school safety, responding to dozens of calls a day — continue.

But it was all hands on deck last weekend, when a Staples High School freshman was reported missing.

Members of the Detective Bureau, and many other officers, quickly mobilized. They descended on the Bayberry Lane preserve where he was last seen. They scoured trails on foot, utilized area K-9s, and called in drone operators to search by air.

They followed leads, including a 2-second phone call believed to be placed from a Wifi kiosk in New York.

Just 24 hours later, they located him in a library near Grand Central Station.

It was a harrowing — but thoroughly professional — investigation. When the teen was reunited with his family, officers were exhausted.

But they were proud too.

And as thrilled as the young man’s family and friends.

You could say “that’s their job.” But it’s hard to find any police force that does it better, more thoroughly, or with more care and concern.

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Missing Teen Found Safe

The search for a missing Staples High School freshman is over.

And the news is good.

Thanks to shared information by law enforcement, and social media platforms, the Westport Police Department tracked Max Yeater to a New York City library near Grand Central Station.

Detectives reunited the 15-year-old with his family at 5 p.m. today.

Westport Police thank the public, their law enforcement partners and the media for helping bring Max back to Westport.

Max Yeater, from a photo distributed yesterday after his disappearance.


Missing Youth Update: Phone Call Traced To NYC

Missing Staples High School freshman Maxwell Yeater has been heard from.

Yesterday, Westport Police conducted an exhaustive search of Newman’s Preserve Trail yesterday, looking for the 15-year-old.

They searched trails on foot, utilized area K-9s, and called in drone operators to search by air, but could not locate him

During the investigation, police were contacted by a friend of Maxwell, who said he had received a call from him. The friend provided the phone number from where the call was placed.

Police discovered that the phone number was associated with Wi-Fi calling kiosks in New York City.

Detective Bureau members continue to work on the case. They ask anyone with information on the whereabouts of Maxwell to contact the Westport Police Department, at 203-341-6000.

They are also reaching out directly to Maxwell, and ask him to contact his family or law enforcement.

Maxwell Yeater