Unsung Hero #310

Elissa Moses writes:

Sometimes I’m a cranky Westporter complaining about the rudeness and dangerous drivers at 4-way stops, especially along Cross Highway.

But the other night I was gobsmacked by a young man at McDonald’s. He kept waiting to hold the door for me — and then insisted on paying for my burger when I realized I had to run back to my car for my forgotten credit card.

I patted him on the back and asked, “What made you the nicest person in the world?”

I am elated to see such kindness and generosity from a Gen Z-er. It’s a generation I study for business, and don’t always give a good rap to.

Pay it forward!

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12 responses to “Unsung Hero #310

  1. Please tell his manager about him. When people are exceptional, they deserve recognition. Would you consider stopping by one day and paying him back?

  2. Thank you for sharing this on 06880, Elissa. It is good to know that there are good people out there doing good things every day. Honk that horn as often as possible.

  3. the post is silly and borders on ridiculous. the behavior that you decide to write on is not worthy of a hero in this case. Unfortunately Dan you have all the decision making. I wish there was another local blog Therecarecao many people throughout our community doing exceptional activities that are easy to find. However you play favorites with who you accept concepts from. good luck

    • Seems to me, Mr. Fogel, if you are going to write such nasty stuff, you should at least be literate.

    • Shannon Nordlinger

      This just reads cranky and mean. Part of raising good humans is catching kids when they do something right. I imagine this is an ordinary act of kindness for this young man, but your response tells us exactly why we should amplify ordinary acts of kindness and teach our kids that our words and deeds matter.

  4. Suzanne Sheridan

    Perhaps Mr Fogel should consider creating his own blog since he sees so many people who are worthy of being written about that would be great. Why don’t you take responsibility for doing just that!

    • one such story was reported to Dan by me. On a Sunday morning 2 workers were building a wall on Whitney Street. They called me on my phone and asked me to walk to Whitney. The young men told me they found a suitcase that fell off a car. it turned out it was a case for a laptop computer. The guys explained to me that numerous drivers on a Whitney saw the case in the road. They swerved around the case Not a single Westport driver stopped to see or move the case. The guys picked up the case Inside the case was a nice laptop computer. There was an identifiable tag with name and phone number on the laptop. It turned out to be a work computer for a neighbor I knew. The laptop was returned to the owner with the decency of these 2 young men. As I said not a single driver would stop to pick it up to investigate. if it were not for these 2 nice guys looking out for the welfare of another person the computer likely would have been run over by a Westport driver. Dan disregarded the story. I sent him a photo of the guys building the wall on a Sunday morning. There were several other noteworthy stories I suggested as heroic. Holding. door open in McDonalds is not heroic. it’s silly. The photo of McDonakds has nothing to do with heroism

      • I never saw the story. My bad. To be brutally honest, I received so many emails from Dick Fogel, I stopped reading them. That may not be what you want to hear, Dick, but it’s the truth.

  5. Dick has WDS…Woog Derangement Syndrome 😂
    Be careful ‼️😂

  6. I think the young man might have been a Republican Richard?

  7. Hey Dan, I thought you were a Shake Shack kind of guy. MacD?
    Hard to believe!

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