Absentees Ballots Counted; Landslide Wins For Dems, Dillon

The addition of several hundred absentee ballots does not change a thing.

As reported first on “06880” last night, Tuesday’s election keeps all town boards in Democratic hands.

Jill Dillon

And it hands a bit of history to Jill Dillon. The unaffiliated former PTA president won a seat on the Board of Education — as a write-in candidate.

Her unofficial count of 5,292 votes swamped her Republican rivals, Jamie Fitzpatrick (2,171) and Camilo Riano (2,088).

In fact, Dillon’s write-in total is more than the number of votes cast for Fitzpatrick and Riano — combined.

The Board of Education race was led by 2 Democratic incumbents, chair Lee Goldstein (6,392) and Neil Phillips (6,361).

Turnout appeared to top 50% — perhaps a record for an off-year election, in which only strictly local (no statewide) offices were contested.

Other unofficial totals, with absentee ballots added in (elected officials in bold):


Danielle Dobin (D): 6,083
Jeffrey Hammer (D): 6,002
Liz Heyer (R): 3,475
Rich Hightower (R): 3,171
Perry Winter (R): 2,713


Paul Lebowitz (D): 5,907
Michael Calise (R): 3,203
Amie Tesler (R): 3,052

Patrizia Zucaro (R): 2,980
John Bolton  (R): 2,758
Joseph Strickland Jr. (CW): 1,629

James Ezzes (D): 5,955
Michelle Hopson (R): 3,433
Liz Wong (R): 3,618


Joseph Sledge (R): 3,500


Voters also chose 36 Representative Town Meeting members. Four of the 9 districts — 1, 2, 6 and 9 — had contested races.

Harris Falk (District 2) and Brien Buckman (District 6) were the only incumbents running for re-election who lost.

District 1

Matthew Mandell: 438
Andrew Bloom: 421

Chris Tait: 413
Kristin Mott Purcell: 372
Richard Jaffe: 293

District 2:

Melissa Levy: 543
Louis Mall: 436
Jay Keenan: 364
Mike Perry: 356

Harris Falk: 342

District 3:

Jimmy Izzo: 543
Don O’Day: 466
Lyn Hogan: 446
Ross Burkhardt: 418

District 4:

Andrew Colabella: 434
Jeffrey Wieser: 422
Noah Hammond: 362
Clarence Hayes: 320

District 5:

Dick Lowenstein: 447
Peter Gold: 442

Karen Kramer: 409
Claudia Shaum: 404

District 6:

Candace Banks: 522
David Rosenwaks: 510
Seth Braunstein: 423

Jessica Bram: 356
Alma Sarelli: 268
Brien Buckman: 165
Louis D’Onofrio Jr.: 162

District 7:

Lauren Karpf: 504
Brandi Briggs: 503

Ellen Lautenberg: 480
Jack Klinge: 477

District 8:

Ari Benmosche: 501
Wendy Batteau: 483
Rachel Cohn: 483
Julie Whammond: 433

District 9: 

Jennifer Johnson: 523
Nancy Kail: 511
Sal Liccione: 432
Kristin Schneeman: 431
Douglas Enslin: 401
John Suggs: 366
Rachel Halperin: 281

7 responses to “Absentees Ballots Counted; Landslide Wins For Dems, Dillon

  1. Congratulations to the winners, and better luck next election to the others. Now, all of you please drive around and pick up your lawn signs!

    Lawn Sign Trivia Q: What word did you never see printed on any Westport lawn sign?

    Answer: Nacilbuper (turn upside down)

  2. Westport voters should feel very proud that, as the nation teeters toward fascism, we boldly told Riano and Fitzgerald that their attempt to destroy inclusionary, public education in town
    is not acceptable.

  3. Congratulations to the winners!!

    • Your a class act Douglas! You have made significant positive impacts to Westport and done so in a bipartisan manner. Proud to be your friend and neighbor!

  4. Thanks Doug and John for running I had a great time we all learned from each other we have to keep it going district 9 is very happy that you both ran i thank you both for doing the tie of Westport is to from sal liccione rtm district 9 member

  5. Dear Dan, thank you for your tireless work! If not for your blog, who knows what the outcome of this election would’ve been…

  6. Irina other than the last night slip in of kail and Wieser you are correct !

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