Carjackers Attack In Bayberry Lane Garage

A Bayberry Lane resident was a victim today of a carjacking — in his own garage.

At 3:50 this afternoon (Sunday), he pulled into his garage. Two men followed him in.

They assaulted the man while he was in his vehicle, forcibly removed him, and stole his blue Aston Martin.

Westport Police believe the suspects arrived in a dark blue BMW, as it was seen fleeing along with the stolen vehicle.

The victim suffered minor injuries, but declined medical attention.

Both vehicles were last seen traveling north on Route 8.

The Westport Police Detective Bureau is investigating the carjacking. Anyone with information should call 203-341-6080.

Police add: “It is believed the victim was targeted and followed back to their residence. We encourage residents to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to 911.”

The incident was captured on the Ring app:

Two men surround the victim’s car, after he pulls into his garage.

A few seconds later, they attack him from the same side. (Photos from Ring app)

23 responses to “Carjackers Attack In Bayberry Lane Garage

  1. This is beyond scary and it’s all getting out of hand! I personally know 5 people who had their car stolen within the past few weeks (and this incident takes it to a whole new level). Something has to be done – task force, increased police patrol, anything!

  2. I hope these losers are apprehended and put in prison. Disgusting act of cowardice for 2 people to gang up on one person and steal their property.

  3. And to think in the mid 1950s, we never locked our doors at night. Why would anyone even think of locking their doors at night? I guess we’re in a new reality in Westport! I’m sorry Dan has to do story like this.

    • Extremely disturbing. All those people leaving their key fobs in their (subsequently stolen) cars may have unwittingly created a kind of attractive nuisance. And now it’s possibly following the sickening but logical progression. Now we’re being hunted.

      • Fairfield County is a target-rich environment. Easy on crime policies created this rather than people leaving their key fobs in their cars creating an unwittingly kind of attractive nuisance (although a good point, and maybe a contributory factor). It is all of Fairfield County, not just Westport. The theft rings send a lot of underaged kids because they know if they get caught they won’t be prosecuted….very sad.

  4. Terrible, unfortunately very little penalty, they dont go to jail for more than a night. They used to just steal cars at night, now go in your home in broad daylight. So sorry for these people, unfortunately it is only going to get worse until the punishment deters them from doing the crime.

  5. Michelle Saunders

    This is disturbing on so many levels. We need to be aware of our surroundings even in our own home, we can’t be safe. I am hearing that a lot of these thieves are coming from Waterbury.

  6. I wish Chief Koskinas would weigh in on this (and this 06880 forum might be a good place to do so) and explain some of the laws that have changed in the last decade or so. I’m speaking about how the age of “juveniles” was raised from 16 to 18. Also the Ct. statutes regarding Police pursuits and Westport PD’s own policy on pursuits.
    That said it’s time to ramp up motor vehicle enforcement (12-20 mv arrests a week is a joke.). Look at it as a “broken windows” type thing where if you start with the small stuff, the big stuff starts to go away. The pandemic is over. The cute photos of an entire shift gathered around a kids lemonade stand are nice but it’s time to get back to policing.

  7. Horrific.

  8. Chief Koskinas and the Westport PD actually do more policing than ever. These criminals are coming from other towns. They respond in minutes and also help all of these neighboring towns so its a united front. The police do not make the easy on crime laws. We can thank our federal and state governments for those policies. And actually the Chief was on Westport Moms addressing the situation tonight. It is actually because of the great work done by our Police and their rapid response and constant coverage around the Post Road and major thorough-ways that its not already far worse.

    • What was shared by the Police regarding this situation; can someone please share this information?

      • The information in my story came directly from the Westport Police Department. I included all relevant information.

        • I was replying to Adam, given his comment that the Chief spoke to the Westport Moms regarding the situation; I didn’t know if someone had attended that meeting.

    • Adam, you wrote “ Chief Koskinas and the Westport PD actually do more policing than ever.” Is there publicly available data that supports this assertion? Genuinely curious.

  9. AS westport builds more and more housing, becomes more and more like a city instead of a “town”, as fewer and fewer people know and watch out for their neighbors, there will be more and more incidents like this; it follows like night follows day: bigger city, bigger problems. Be prepared.

  10. And 115 years ago today, Mark Twain was robbed in Redding….

  11. You might want to consider what type of car you drive. If you walk around with large gold chains and more perhaps you are making yourself a target? It’s not right but there are ways to minimize risk. Putting cameras high up on your home on all sides may be helpful.

    • Cameras are typically a detective control not preventative. Further, mounting them high up doesn’t give you a good view into the person, if you are further from being able to see their body or face. Finally, most people have crap cameras such as ring, that are in my opinion, not much than a toy, far from a decent security camera.

      As a side note, all should evaluate the type of fencing and lighting that they have as they play a role in security.

  12. install cameras high up on all sides of your home. Think carefully about car selection and your behavior Ie. how secure you are with your home and car. We should be able to live freely but living freely may be costly. Would you go shopping with large dangling gold chains ?? When traveling experts tell us to NOT call attention to yourself. Perhaps that may be good advice living in 06880. Be careful. Be Thoughtful. There are ways to minimize risk.

  13. Perhaps toss an Airtag in your Aston?

  14. I guess I should be relieved that the “you brought this on yourself” argument isn’t just for women in short skirts? What I read and saw from this post was that a man drove his own car into his own garage, and two white-European-appearing men followed him into his garage, assaulted him and stole his car. We don’t know if those two men were hired by a neighbor or followed him from a parking lot. They could be anyone. This is a horrible, violating, traumatic experience that could happen to any of us. Please stop trying to rationalize how this could have been prevented and ask what you can do to help instead.

  15. OMG, this makes me so sad to see this happening also in WSPT, wow.

    people need to resist thinking (and encouraging the belief) that pushing fully adequately back against criminals is something only 1 political party does and if you agree w/and even join That effort you’re not ‘left enough’, i.e., it’s just about what’s right v what’s wrong, not 1 political party v the other.

    nyc is coddling these types of assaults so much so that unless you’re incapacitated by it you don’t even report it, i.e., don’t let WSPT get That accepting.

  16. The police have recovered four vehicles (including the one mentioned in this article) and arrested the carjackers less than 48 hours after the incident.

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